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Grado's. will never own another pair!
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Fostex T20RP, not enjoyable in the slightest. Good thing my friend found them useful for mixing, or they would've met Mr Twelve Gauge.
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ATH ES7 from ebay (they were fakes). Own real one's now.
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Buyers remorse but no regret in the end really. I could say SR 60 but it made it much easier ignoring other grados... It´s not practical to be a grado fan over hear anyway ...

Could also say Hd 650 but if I hadn´t got it I would still be curious about that too.

I regret once selling the DX 1000 though but that´s about it as for sellers remorse.
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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
No regrets. All part of the experience...
Wise words
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No regrets about the listing experience but in terms of the money spent, hell yes.
Owned and sold:

Won't be buying Grados again and if the 595 are like the rest of the Senn range I'll stay clear. The K701's just did not live up to my expectations and I was very disappointed.
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Originally Posted by Eagle Eye View Post
ATH ES7 from ebay (they were fakes). Own real one's now.
Oh, yeah: My first pair of (fake) PX100's. The second, OG pair was much, much better, purchased after my knock-offs split in two.
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Sure I regret buying Sennheiser CX300 because bass was very bloated. At least they were cheap and also tough me I like more neutral phones.
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SRH-840. Thought they were terrible.
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K701, not because they are bad or anything. Its just not getting used with the evil AD1000PRM here.
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sennheiser EH-150

terrible terrible terrible comfort.

the cheap leather ear pads don't even properly fit on a normal ear, your ears start burning after 1 hour or so. It was the worst $40 i have ever spend.

It's so ******** that people give rave about their comfort being top notch.

I was really ready to settle for these and not get into the 'hi-fi audio world' , but the comfort was absolutely garbage.

I'm glad i stepped it up and went with the beyerdynamic cans, i don't think i can ever trust Sennheiser again
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Denon D1001k... since it started the whole slippery slope for me... sorry for my wallet

On the other hand, I fully regret that I have sold the HD800. I might repurchase it in near future
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All the crappy low end headphones I bought before I discovered proper ones!
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HD650, it demands great sources, great amps, cables and balanced setups, how about my wallet?
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Sony MDR-D777 I don't even remember what compelled me to buy that headphone. I'm with Nachkebia, except instead of the HD650, I'd say the K1000s.
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