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Sennheiser HD 201
Makes my ear super painful
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A very well-used pair of SR-225's. They had absolutely no bass and the treble was very shrill. A tin can on steroids. (Thankfully, I later tried a pair of SR-225i's, which were truly as amazing as many rightfully say.)
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I forgot that I have owned a pair of Skullcandy skullcrusher,extremely tragic sound . I sold them for the same price they cost me.wink(he he lucky me)

SkullCandy should have been sued for making such a product.

(I still love my Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohm)

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Well, while it's revived...


I didn't regret it at the time, but I did buy these crappy $10 Sony clip-on earbuds. TWICE. I don't like regular earbuds, they fall out too easy. I liked the clip-on feature, then when the cheap piece of plastic junk broke on me I bought another immediately. If only I knew, that $10 could have went a huge way toward a clip-on KSC75, and my life may have changed earlier than it did.

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Shure SE210. Although I did pay way under sticker price for them, I just didn't like their sound. Very sibilant and harsh highs.


Before anyone asks, they aren't fakes. I got them at a Best Buy, although with a massive price match.

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Fake CX300s off eBay. At least they ignited my interest in better audio.

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Sennheiser HD-595

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By far it was the Grado 325i. I'm not trying to bash these headphones, it's just not my type of sound. I felt that they had harsh treble and during some songs it felt like someone was banging metal pans together in my face. I couldn't listen to them for more then a half hour. I think the highs get on my nerves more so then other people, but who knows. Even the highs on the AKG 702 and DT-880 32ohm bugged me a bit. Maybe that's why the HD-600 are what i'm liking now. They seem to tone it down slightly.


I think the 325i was such a disappointment because I paid so much for them. I don't remember how much, but it was a lot! Sadly, I've lost interest in Grado. I would like to try some of their high end models, so maybe in one of these headphone meets, I can. What's funny is that I bid a ton of money on Ebay for a pair of their most expensive model and got outbid. If I had won, maybe i'd be a huge Grado fan or something. It turns out that someone actually bid up to the full retail price for a used pair. I don't get people sometimes.


BTW I do love the SR-80 (and have owned them for YEARS), but after listening to them again recently, I don't get what the fuss is all about. Of course I don't listen to the music they're good with, so I shouldn't be talking!


2nd and 3rd biggest regret is the Sennheiser HD25-1 II and Sony MDR-V6. The HD25-1 II's sound quality doesn't match it's price tag at all. The MDR-V6 had an amazing fit and comfort (with pad upgrade), but the very recessed mid-range ruined it for me. I kept listening to them over and over and felt like something was "gone" that should be there. It was the strangest feeling. BTW the earpad upgrades for them are amazing and worth every penny.


What's funny is that I never regretted buying my first Bose Triports!! I always liked the sound coming from them back when I was new to headphones. Strange isn't it? At the time I had no clue that something could be had for $50 that sounds even better. I think I paid $150 for them back years and years ago. Strangely they broke TWICE. Luckily Bose replaced them lightning fast, I was impressed.

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AKG K240 Monitors (600ohm). Not necessarily because I don't like their sound, but I bought these used on a whim but didn't like them as much as my AT AD700 of the M50s.

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akg k240S ...really bloated upper bass/lower mids that overpowers the other frequencies. Almost sounds like a sock is covering driver compared to the much more clear and detailed k240DF.

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I've liked all of the phones I've bought in some way or another - AKG 81DJ, ATH ES7, Yuin PK2, KSC75. My latest purchase was an MS1i. While I like the phones and especially how they sound with rock, I do feel like there is something missing. A certain slam or impact to the music. Plucked guitars on the MS1i makes me want to sing for joy, but more bass-heavy songs are mediocre at best. All my other phones were much more well-rounded.

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Bose In-Ear Headphones.  I returned them within five minutes of their purchase, which coincided with the amount of time it took to remove them from their plastic-wrap, cringe at the sound and pull a U-turn back to the Best Buy I'd bought them from.

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For me, the Beyer DT880/250 ohm 2005 version was a huge letdown compared to the 2003 version.

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My pair of Philips SBC HS500.  But not to worry, I use them as a dummy load.

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probably my set of pioneer monitor 10,

also didn't seem to like my shure e4, but i think my ear canals are shaped drastically different, and i could never get a good fit, think i am over iem, unless i go custom some day

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