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Headphones you regretted buying the most - Page 116

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Sony MDR1RNC. Wanted noise cancelling. Got hiss. Terrible. Went on eBay in less than a year.

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I'm going to say Ultrasone Pro 650 over all, since they're bad sounding and excruciating to wear.  Following that, I'm embarrassed to say Bose QC25 which I got for their noise cancelling on planes.  They do a decent enough job with that, but they really aren't a very good sounding phone for what they cost, even at the discount outlet price.

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hmm, for headphone, it is Grado SR225, the fitting was not suitable for me, it clamp my ear directly and hurts after around 1 hour of using.

for earphone it is RHA T10i, it's too much bass for me and I feel the mid is too much recessed.

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Got a pair of Piano Forte IX buds a couple months ago. They don't fit me well and probably because of that, they sound like crap. Waste of a huge amount of money.

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Monster turbine pro coppers..............way way way overpriced.

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Originally Posted by shortstuff View Post

AKG 702's


Why? 2 reasons.


1. They sounded much wider and had a lot more detail than my DT770 Pro 80's.


2. They had no bass. NONE. Even when turning up the BASS dial and the parametric EQ on my amp. So I had to go back to my DT 770 Pro 80's. Which are awesome...BUT because of the AKG's I now see their lack of soundstage and clarity.


If only I could find a headphone with the clarity, soundstage, and immense detail of the AKG crossed with the epic sub bass of the DT's. That would be the HOLY GRAIL for me.


I essentially have this problem with headphones, I just got my ETHER C and it's similar to how you feel the 702's sound in the bass (although not as bad as that). The HE-560 has amazing sub bass and good clarity but not as clear in the mids/highs as the ETHER C.

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Sennheiser Urbanite


very uncomfortable to wear,  bass was way to heavy and an ear pad popped off first time I took them off and I could not get it back on.

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