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AKG Q701 - frustrating (HUGELY) balance of strengths and weaknesses. Sound stage good. Handling of percussive sounds excellent. Timbre impoverished. Treble glare incurable.

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hd650 - the bass was loose, not satisfying. overall the phone sounded slow and unexciting. enter the he-400 :-) 

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monster beats studio and bose qc15, especially the bose, this were the worst headphones i've ever bought. horrible bass. ultrasone pro 900 FTW =)

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what was it about them that you didn't like

Everything.  Sloppy, loose bass (crackles, ugh) on tracks that don't have much bass to begin with.  Harsh, shrill treble.  Overall just a total disappointment.  I've owned other Grados as well (PS500s, 325is) and have heard others (Rs1i, Rs2i, GS1000i) so I'm not a Grado hater or anything, in fact I'm a huge fan of their cartridges and less expensive headphones (SR line). The Ps1000s were just a total let down, especially considering the price.  I wasn't a huge fan of the PS500s either, but I would definitely go for them over the PS1000s.  They were lighter, cheaper and almost identical sound, although a bit more neutral.  I tried the PS1Ks with a variety of amps, dacs and sources, they just sound terrible.  I don't think they justify even a third of the asking price (considering other options) and they aren't even close to being the best sounding headphone in the current Grado lineup.

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Ksc75, not really a regret more of a disappointment. I bought two without listening to them first. I don't regret because of how cheap they are to buy. They sound thin, treble are too bright to listen to, and very little bass. Because of how bright they are you can't get any type of volume to them before your ears start to ring. I have my laptop volume at 10 and even then I think it's too much
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Beyerdynamic T70. I love most Beyers but these were mostly awful. Good for jazz but that's about it. No bass, sharp treble. Very detailed and clear but no fun at all

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