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Just the once out of tons...

some maxell skunkjob can attempt. was 18 dollar. im still spanked by the fact that i could have walked home in the rain to some philips earhookers that were invariably decent, but no, i was all : remember the guy in the chair with the speaker wind....

so yeah they were like a cheeep look attempt at portable BeyerDynamics... that was the allure. um and sound like soaked cardboard. eew.
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Originally Posted by TimPrice View Post
duplicated thread?

Alessandro MS1 -> absolutely no soundstage at all ¬_¬
HD595 -> plastic drums, weird signature, not great at low volume
7506 -> blind purchase
LOL you should get your ears checked sorry to say, love the MS1s
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x2. The MS-1's are sheer GOLD.

On the topic, I was not impressed at all with the UE Triple-fi 10's, but mainly because they did not fit well in these ears and were also a bit too obtrusive externally.
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Super fi 5 pros a few years ago. I listened to them with low quality mp3's on my zune and was never impressed. They broke a year after I bought them...

Grado SR225i hurt my ears. A lot. Found out I like warmer + laid back cans.
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280 Pro.
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x3. They're better than "White Gold"

ER6i. Cable broke off after 8 months... But I have the UM1 now
Originally Posted by sampson_smith View Post
x2. The MS-1's are sheer GOLD.
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AKG K701
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Sony MDR 888 LP buds - nice highs and mids, no bass slam at all..

Senn HD 595 - just not worth it IMO, couldn compete with the cheaper grado Sr80 and
Sony MDR V6
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AD700's. They sounded great and were excellent for games... but they were WAY too big for my head and extremely ugly to look at. Returned for some HD555's and am very happy.
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stax 202 - leather was too warm!
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ue11pro. way to warm. regretted i didn't get the ue10pro.
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Anything with the word "Bose" in the description.
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No regrets. All part of the experience...
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AKG 142 HD. Learned the hard way how ******* uncomfortable something can be in the long run.

(Philips SPH2000 sucked bad, but they also didn´t cost much and were good to me back then.)
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