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Headphones you regretted buying the most - Page 95

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In the order they appear :


1-) Grado Rs1i - overrated & overpriced.


2-) Senns HD700 - sound is not well balanced-nothing truly special & also way overpriced - mad at biting on these so I   sold them a.s.a.p.


3-) AKG K702 65th annies - not sure what they were trying to accomplish but whatever it was it didn't work for me.


4-) Beyers DT990- 600 ohm - way too coloured (Canadian spelling of the latter word) - not very detailed.


5-) Audeze LCD-2 rev2 - they were ok but just not my cup of tea.


6-) Senns HD800 - sibilance galore even with good sources - fatiguing - IMHO somewhat overrated; many head-fiers   

     who lauded/praised them initially, sold them eventually (just something I noticed when checking their profiles).


This is an expensive addict …. errr …. hobby. :redface:

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Sony MDR-V100 at $20. They still make me mad thinking about them. I totally threw away a $20 for a tin can except tin cans are sturdier.
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Audio Technica CKW1000ANV, worst money i ever spent on headphones ever, i was so, so dissapointed.
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BW p5. Way too expensive for the performance they produce. I would have been way better off with -gasp- Bose. And the warranty support is laughable if it wasnt so offensively expensive?



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A900X even tho i love the headphones, there built quailty is not good enough for my usage, I put a crack into the right side Y shape cup holder,Trying to get them to stay in place on my head , while fighting the ear cups that twist with ease. When I had the DT880 pro they used metal and those hold up better in my usage. I thought nah these are tougher plastic, these just wasn't tough enough, crack just as easy as the AKG 702 did on the left side.  I was able to tape up the crack, but I gonna go to a DT880 premium and go back to something that does hold up under my usage.Other then the fact I have to wear glases 24/7 now and the A900X hurts my ears because of my glasses.

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No regrets.  I've learned something from every pair of headphones I've owned.

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Was a bit disappointed with AKG K450.   Really wanted to like them, but the sound signature never did click with me.

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JH13 Pro. Granted it is the best iem I have ever heard, however, the sound is too linear for me and no matter what people say a BA is never going to sound as natural as a good old full sized dynamic driver headphone.

I enjoyed my HD580 so much more as a result and the JH13 Pro sat in it's case while I was listening to the more exciting sound signatures many other headphones offered.

Why my greatest regret? Because you lose so much money having to resell customs when I could have spent the money towards a nice high end full sized can.

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T PEOS H-200. One of the greatest price to performance iem, but it's tuning had some issue. A huge peak caused harshness in the upper mids and lower mids were recessed. Just not my cup of tea.

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Sennheiser HD 439. I've enjoyed almost every headphone I've owned, except for that one :P

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I'm happy to say that I've never once regretted buying headphones (yet) :)

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Xears N3i - the bloat in the upper bass and lower mids makes the Beats Studio sound neutral in comparison. Then they broke after only a few months, and I got the XE200pro as a warranty replacement because the N3i was discontinued. Same thing - except that this time they added a huge treble spike that made it literally painful when I tried to turn up the volume enough to hear the non-existent mids.
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AKG Q701.

No bass, it was like listening to tweeters. I thought/hoped I can eq a little bit of bass into them, but I was wrong.

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I thought the K 701 had too much bass - bloated. Decent extension. What makes them sound thin is the huge treble, and that's where you might've liked to EQ instead with the Q 701 as well.

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I thought the K701 was too dark. Low mids too forward and it was warm and had a massive soundstage. Very harsh in the treble too.

By my estimates it's about 15% warmer than an HD-650. Oh and it had like zero mid-bass.

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