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Originally Posted by crossjeremiah View Post

Steelseries 5H. i should of got siberias... but i haven't regretted any audiophile grade headphone yet.

Gaming headphones. No.

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Originally Posted by beamthegreat View Post

The headphones I regretted the most was the skullcandy skullcrusher. I bought them for 100cad from the source.ca It broke after 5 months, the driver stopped working for some weird reason.. I should have bought a decent dac but that was before I joined head-fi. : frown::f rown:


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ATH-M50. I'll never understand the praise they receive. Gave mine away to a friend the other day. At least they were cheap.
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Originally Posted by Rocko1 View Post

Sennheiser Orpheus


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Beats. nothing else to say here.

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Shure SE315

Not bad by any means

but they really did not appeal to me.

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The biggest regret for me was house of marley jammin buds that I had to buy at the booth in the airport and they were the cheapest buds they had and they were 30 dollars! I left my other ones in my jacket pocket and going from colorado to sunny south carolina didnt need a jacket. Just bought some monster lil jamz on the cheap and i havent heard them yet but i can tell you i will probably regret it. Full size I regret purchasing my porta pros just because the bass is too much for my taste.  

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Some 15€ Koss headphones that I got as birthday present when I was maybe 8 or 9 years old. They had no bass at all, and I hated them. They were also my first pair of own headphones ever.


All the rest of my headphones have been pretty satisfying.

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The Audio Technica M50, they sound really good, but already had the Denon D1100 which were more comfortable and their sound signatures were pretty close to each other, think the only reason i bought the M50 was because they looked better.

Now i have the AKG K550 so that makes them obsolete. So i'm probably gonna sell them.

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Anyone saying the M50 sucks. Get a better DAC/amp..

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I have several loves in life. Music is one, and scent is another. When you buy cologne online without ever having smelled it before, we call that a 'blind buy'. I think that terminology fits well in the head-fi world too because even if you go into a store you can't always find every headphone out for demonstration and in many retail stores you don't find listening stations at all.


1. Some skullcandy on ear headphones I bought for my wife. They have furry ear pads and sparkle and bling and I thought she would like the look, and she does, but listening to them is like putting an Iphone in a tin can and then lighting that can on fire with your ears inside.


2. Sennheiser HD205. I wanted something portable and a step up from the excellent HD201's but not too expensive so I wouldn't worry about breaking them. I was unimpressed with my first listen but the harshness I thought might be in need of some breaking in. I connected them to the stereo and dumped them into a drawer for a week. They had opened up a bit but the sound was still harsh and with an exaggerated midrange, not the "ooh these vocals sound so detailed" kind of midrange either. The megaphone or telephone receiver midrange that just sounds awful for music.


3. Skullcandy FMJ. Their budget 'Ink'd' headphones were a pleasant surprise so I thought their more expensive older brother would be even better...Nope. The plastic jacketing on the cable is so stiff that it actually pulls them out of my ear. Muddy bass, no mid or upper range to speak of, it's like trying to listen to music through a closet door.

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never regretted anything, ever....

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Originally Posted by streetdragon View Post

sounds worse than beats??? now that's really saying something....

That's quite old post, but really it does say a lot. Deep thought... biggrin.gif


OnT: Had some Bose in-ears, didn't liked them at all, bass was non-existant, they were just casual, but easy drivable, load in-ears with fancy BOSE logo (for some time that was enough to feel kinda good biggrin.gif)

       Although I doubt it, but they could be fakes as I bought them second-hand. However I managed to return them, so we will never know.. 


Other not very good purchase was senn mx560. Didn't know much back then, bought them because of the brand name and was expecting some low freq impact.. But for the price + brand, they obviously couldn't deliver that, but I'am sure there are better ones at the same price tag. Don't get me wrong, as for the cheapos, these aren't horrible by any means, but only for basic stuff, these are good as replacement for broken older iBuds bigsmile_face.gif

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I've read a fairly large portion of this thread, and it seems that the HD595 and K701 get a LOT of hate.

This concerns me, because I had the HD598, and have the Q701, and between those two stands most of my experience with high-end cans. Is there something I'm missing?

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