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monster turbines although they sounded great 4 pairs broke within a 1 month period

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Originally Posted by SashimiWu View Post


They are definitely good for the price but I was coming from a pair of RE0's which was definitely much more musical and warm in comparison.  I am definitely not hating on the Etymotic brand as I now own and primarily use the HF2 which I love.

Have the HF5 -> hate it's guts -> rockbox on sansa clip+ -> simply add a +7db "bass boost" (not the ~specific equalizer)

-> love the %&(/% out of it etysmile.gif


Regretted buying the

-Grado sr60i

-K701  <- not even close to neutral, and colored as hell (upper mids and treble, not even talking about the bass), also lol, headband...

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Originally Posted by Boullion View Post

None other than the well-known ATH-M50. Here's why:


1. I find them far too uncomfortable.

I even ordered new pads because I thought that was the problem, but apparently not. I stretched them for days and it seems that nothing has helped. There's always an unpleasant pressure near the bottom of my jaw and the headband is terribly thin. This is the main reason I dislike them - I just can't enjoy my music without noticing how uncomfortable they are.


2. I don't think they're worth the $120 price tag.

Speaking from a consumer standpoint, they sound nice but reviews online build up the tension perfect for disappointment. To the untrained ear, the difference in sound quality is not proportionate to the difference in price. Alright, this may be a personal issue/preference, but it's still an issue in my book. This actually transitions into my next point...

3. They could sound better.

I do like the V-shaped sound signature, but I don't really like the soundstage. I like my soundstage either very close or very far. Also, I'm not a basshead but I think I would like a bit more bass impact (I have the white box version, which is apparently more neutral). I also find them a bit too harsh/sibilant/bright? I must have delicate ears. Otherwise, I think they sound quite nice across the board but for $120 I wish I got a bit more.


4. They're too bulky for my tastes (also see: not portable in the slightest).
I know, they're obviously not built to be portable cans...but why, then, do people still recommend them as such? Anyways, they're very bulky (although fairly light in comparison to the SRH440s) and the cord is absolutely impractical for pocket storage. The cord is not detachable and has no remote/mic option. It's also fairly incompatible with my computer, which has its headphone jack on the front, making the cable hang down on my lap as I browse...which is annoying. Wearing them around the neck isn't too comfortable. All in all - why anybody would take it outside is beyond me (although I've seen it happen before).

Conclusion: I just don't like 'em. Should've tried something else like the Shures (440s) or Ultrasones (580s/780s). Maybe the Senn HD558s, because I'm interested in the open-style sound.


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Originally Posted by DefQon View Post

ATH-M50 and K701/702/Q701


Returned them as soon as I found them to not live up to the hype and expectations that float around these boards.

Oh my very_evil_smiley.gif

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yeah, you should be skeptical over here at hype-fi...

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No regrets so far, but I'm only 3 pairs in. I'm thinking about an upgrade from my DJ100s, but I'm not sure if I want open or closed this time.

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Refurbed Senn HD238. They were so cheap. Packaging was great, but I really felt like these were the best cans to remind us how poor sound quality sounds like. It was that bad. Again, I qualified my observation with 'refurb' so maybe these still had lingering issues.. not sure. However, I did acquire a set of Senn PX200 ii.... what a joy!! Definitely had redeeming qualities and is a keeper for me.

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HD 439. Too dark. 


Two for one package of some phillips headphones at costco. 

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Panasonic HTF600


Good sound for $30, but this headphone is way over hyped.

The bass was not as good as the hype claimed.

Bad build, I had to return it for an exchange because one ear was louder than the other.

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Beats Pro:   WAAAY overpriced,   they have a OK sound, 100 sound at most.


Sennheiser 280pro: My first "hifi" headphone, little did i know.  Boring... Boring....  Boring.. Lack of bass.. clamps force is to strong that it hurts,  cups make them hot , cant use them for more than half an hour.



That was my "$500 Hifi What NOT to Buy Sound Lesson"    angry_face.gif

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1. Some Skullcandy OEM - I was around 13, it was my first headphone purchase. Both ear cups snapped off while casually putting them on. I realized soon after that the sound sucked.

2. Koss Porta-Pro - as much as I love them, those cables are terrible. I had to replace the jack 3x before I gave up and bought new cans. 

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Hmmm, couple of ones I guess,


Logitech G35's.  A few years ago when I wasn't hugely into sound, and a while after my hd500's broke, I got these when I did a pc upgrade.  After 3 months they broke, right earcup is held on by a tiny poorly made piece of plastic, dropped them off my desk and they broke, and logitech wouldn't fix them, last time I bought anything logitech.  No big loss though as they weren't exactly amazing sounding.


Then after that there was the astro a40's I got to replace them, mainly for the mixamp and being able to voice chat in games (every other headset was either, works on ps3/pc, or works on xbox/pc, well when I have and use all 3, kind of only have one choice), they weren't exactly terrible, i've still got them, been my go to can for when I'm @ home for a year and a half or so, the mixamp is awesome, wireless with everything, ok-ish powered, can use different stuff with them and whatnot.  But they didnt even compare to my hf5's in terms of sq...and now they've been replaced with a proper setup, well, they'll be venturing back onto ebay pretty soon I think :P.

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pro 900- Their mids are extremely recessed... which makes it not that great to listen to a large variety of music. Ontop of that, they were new when I bought them, and now a billion are up for sale used. 

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After getting my AKG K514 MKII, I realized everything I've had before is not very clear or detailed. These are the three headphones I regret buying the most.


Sennheiser HD 555 - Sound quality is rather poor, grainy, and not very detailed.


Sony MDR-XB700 - Tunnel-like sound, and uncomfortable.


BRAINWAVZ HM5 - Lacking definition and clarity, and too much clamping force.

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JBL Reference 410:  Too much bass & they drown out the higher frequencies, they hurt, and they break easily.

Skullcandy Hesh:  Broke easily, boring sound, hardly any bass, and they weren't loud enough

Sennheiser HD205:  Easy as hell to break the cable, not for bassheads even in the slightest, very uncomfortable

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