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Originally Posted by CaveManta View Post

I'm sort of starting to regret purchasing the AKG K518, because it just doesn't fit my head very well at all. The headband is too short, and not padded at all =\.


check out the akg k181dj. it's much better built and sounds better. with some simple changes it is reported to turn these into surprisingly high performing cans (http://www.head-fi.org/t/323653/akg-k181dj-review#post_4183439





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Hifiman HE-5LE.  I never found them comfortable for my head as the cups are installed so low down on the band that the tops of the ear pads would push down on the tops of my ears, no matter how high up I pushed the cups up the rods. I had to bend the headband into a straight horizontal line to raise them up enough to be comfortable (this headband design is the reason i won’t try out the HE-500 even though I figure I would love the sound)

Originally Posted by wje View Post

That's essentially the issue with the HE-400s, the HE-500s and I'm assuming the HE-300s, too.  They have the same fit, measurements, etc.  People with a smaller distance from the top of their head to their ears, will have a feeling of the HifiMAN headphones fitting this way.  By no means, does it indicate the individual has any less brain mass by having a smaller head.  However, I'd think that HifiMAN would listen to some of these comments and make the necessary manufacturing adjustments.  Thus, I can only think that in the country where they are produced, the heads are possibly even smaller - and, drowning the tester with the cups tugging down.  My last sentence wasn't meant to be racial, or single out any special racial group either, but thought it was relevant in my comparison.


perhaps putting some padding on the underside of the headband would be a simple, albeit stop gap, solution to this problem?

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Audio-Technica A300...the only reason I regret buying them is because I bought the Denon D2000 a week later lol :D

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Aiwa HP-X223.  When I think about all the time I spent listening to those, I realize that its time I'll never get back.  I'm relatively okay with it now, but I just know that I'm gonna be a little pissed about that on my deathbed.

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HD800 and LCD2's because I've invested so much money on a proper balanced setup etc.

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I hated the ASG-1, HJE-900, EX-1000, and everything i got from monster
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Beyerdynamic dt990 (600 ohm) - sounded veiled and too much treble for my taste.

Hifiman RE0 - one of my favorite sounding IEMs so far, but the build quality sucks.

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Some old bargain Panasonic earbuds I got at a local supermarket. Worst. Ever.

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LCD2r2... it leads me to UERM and HD800 end of this year... very very soon and perhaps i will buy another new amp WA6SE?

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at this point I probably regret the T5p...
I didn't seem to enjoy the sound signature AS MUCH as some other pairs.
It cost quite a bit and I'm selling them at a huge loss now.
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SR125i, the highs are too much for me.
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Sennheiser HD-280. They were uncomfortable with their strong clamps and hot earpads. The sound wasn't that great and even made me hate headphones. I'm glad I reached out and bought the ATH-M50s or I wouldn't be here today.

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Hmm. Hard to regret a headphone. After all, YOU are the one that ordered it. Good learning experience if it's crummy.


That said: Pro 700 MK2 and W4 off the top of my head. Plus all those cheap IEMs that now litter my closet...


I did just order the Bose AE2 though. Wondering if that will qualify for this thread. wink.gif

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Pains to say it, but before i ever got into head-fi. I bought the beats by dr. dre studio. Ugh awful. They died within 2 weeks and i got my money back came here and am a happy owner of a pair of dt880 and hrt music streamer II and buying little dot mk3. :D

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ATH-M50 and K701/702/Q701


Returned them as soon as I found them to not live up to the hype and expectations that float around these boards.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50 and Koss Pro DJ100.  Yuck.

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