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Headphones you regretted buying the most

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The headphones I regretted the most was the skullcandy skullcrusher. I bought them for 100cad from the source.ca It broke after 5 months, the driver stopped working for some weird reason.. I should have bought a decent dac but that was before I joined head-fi. : frown::f rown:
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Sennheiser HD 570
Sennheiser HD 595
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Bose triport.. Plastic Headband broke on me within a month..
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JVC FX-66. They kind of suck.

Edit: sorry those are actually earbuds, but the only headphones I've bought recently are ksc75's, grado sr60's and beyerdynamic dt880's. None of which I regret.
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I'm sorry I have never regretted any headphone purchase.
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Vmoda vibes because it left me wanting more. If I didn't buy those, I wouldn't have got into head-fi and bought all the other phones/iems I currently have.
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1st was HD595... cos i upgraded to HD650 after a while..

2nd Was SR80i... cos i upgraded after a while too.....

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Originally Posted by VALIENTE View Post
I'm sorry I have never regretted any headphone purchase.
Lol then why post? Anyway, my most regretted headphone purchase is actually an IEM, Westone UM3X. Not sure why, IEMs just do not do it for me. I find I enjoy $30 sony earbuds almost as much, $380 for the UM3X definitely not worth it to me. I find the soundstage is larger on them for some odd reason. Maybe Yuin PK3 will be better for me, who knows. Not selling the UM3X though. I paid $380 and would only get $300 of that back. Maybe I am used to crappy earphones and lossy files still
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duplicated thread?

Alessandro MS1 -> absolutely no soundstage at all ¬_¬
HD595 -> plastic drums, weird signature, not great at low volume
7506 -> blind purchase
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Lol Grado's and Alessandro's are notorious for their in your face sound, why would you buy them and think they had a large soundstage?
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Audio Technica ATH-M40fs
They were cheap and I was fond of them at the time, I even wrote a very favourable review about them on this forum...now they are just lying there, unused.
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The Monster Turbines and Beats. I bought both of them together. Biggest waste of money ever. Just a terrible waste of around 400$ total. I am still regretting it...
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grado igi
-terrible, terrible, IEMs, and nothing at all like grado's full size headphones

I haven't had any terrible experiences with full size headphones. My current dx1000s have been underwhelming thus far (coming from LA7000s), but it's too early to say that they won't sound good after my brain adjusts to them
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K1000. I spent too much money on that rig.
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ultrasone proline 650.
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