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Falling asleep listening to your headphones wearing headphones of this size is not really a concern to me. I don't that would ever be likely to happen. Sounds like K1000 would be fine. I am waiting for a while for a high end headphone. Looking for more reviews of Beyerdynamic T1 but the worse part of that one is I think it won't be long before that one sells for half the price it does now.
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Originally Posted by jaycalgary View Post
Would K1000 stay on the head while lying in bed?
Lying? If you are Pinocchio, your nose would get aroused.
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if u stay still probably.
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Originally Posted by Don Quichotte View Post
Well, my source is a CD player and the music ends as the CD ends. I listen at relatively low volume and I have fallen asleep while listening to headphones countless times. No signs of hearing damage yet . However, your assertion that hearing is more vulnerable while sleeping is interesting and I am inclined to believe it. Can you come up with some links or data on this?
Hi Don,

Unfortunately I can't remember where I read that. I think it was on some medical site online. I generally don't keep a note of where I read stuff, I read and forget. sorry.
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Originally Posted by Nachkebia View Post
Oh mama.
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