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Fun Apps for the iTouch?

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Any good games like golf or just fun apps? Getting one soon.
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AirPhones - listen to your PC music through your iTouch
Remote - Control iTunes through your iTouch
Perfect Browser - a step up from the built-in Safari browser
Flixster - what's playing at the theater and on DVD
PCalc RPN Calculator - if you like HP calculators
The Weather Channel
Kindle - Amazon Kindle books on your iTouch
Stanza - Lots of free and for-pay books
Classics - Beautiful free books
Amazon.com - Amazon's web site works well, but this is better
mSecure - passwords and other secrets
TrackerLite - package tracking


American Checkers
Backgammon Lite
Edge by Mobigame
Sudoku Unlimited
iChess Lite
Monkey Ball
Cogs - 3x3 sliding tiles with gears and pipes


MotionX Dice
Zippo Lighter
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Tiger woods golf is pretty fun and is only $5
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The game, Fieldrunners, is my favorite 3rd party app.
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There are so many good ones. There are lot of rubbish ones too, though.

My favourite RPG is The Quest; my favourite stay-on-the-iPod-touch-app is Stanza (for reading ebooks); my favourite office app is QuickOffice; my favourite racer is Asphalt 5... the list goes on and on.
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Doodlejump! Best time waster on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
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Originally Posted by azncookiecutter View Post
Doodlejump! Best time waster on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
Doodlejump is sooo addicting...
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Paper toss, you'll be tossing paper for hours, lol
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Flight Control is a good game, very fun, simple.
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rrootage... Now that is a real game...

*Won't work on 3GS or Touch 3G due to upgraded procesor...*

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Thanks. Great start.
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NOVA: Online first person shooter
Ravensword: 3D RPG
GTA Chinatown wars: Yep, grand theft auto
If you are willing to jailbreak: SNES, NES, N64 emulators
Doom Classic
Doodle Jump
FAST: Addictive online flying game
Blades of Fury: 3d Fighting game
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Usually i dont spend lots of money on apps, i better use the free ones.
Tetris, pandora radio, cowabunga and tap tap revenge are great.
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If you like music, the Panel is one of the best apps I have bought. It does cost a couple bucks and it will be limited on the iTouch to a wifi area.
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Another vote for fieldrunner

Best for killing time!
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