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I'll start with 6 favorites that immediately come to mind...


Howard Shore The Lord of the Rings The Complete Recordings (FOTR, TTT, ROTK)

Cruel Intentions

The Five Heartbeats

Purple Rain


Saturday Night Fever

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Alexander - Vangelis

The Mission - Morricone

The Patriot - Williams

Gladiator - Zimmer & Gerrard

Gods And Generals - Frizzell & Edelman

The Scarlet Letter - Barry

First Knight - Goldsmith

Dances With Wolves - Barry

Braveheart - Horner

Edward Scissorhands - Elfman

The Last Of The Mohicans - Jones & Edelman

The 13th Warrior - Goldsmith

Rudy - Goldsmith

1492:Conquest Of paradise - Vangelis

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The Insider, Pieter Bourke and Lisa Gerrard, mostly.

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The Lion King




Just to name a few

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The Beach - Pure Shores by All Saints


just because I'm listening to it right now.

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My favourite soundtrack ever is definitely:


The Fountain


Just supremely beautiful. Clint Mansell is a master of his craft.


Zach Braff has good taste in music, showing in the soundtracks of:


Garden State

The Last Kiss


TV series sometimes have enjoyable soundtracks as well.


The O.C.


for example has 4 soundtrack albums (I'm not counting the Christmas album) with good music.

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Daphne loves derby - Simple Starving to be Safe

A mix of heavenly guitars and excellent poetry.

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recently i heared the soundtrack of the upcoming movie Owls,the legend. the song is by 30 seconds to mars called kings and queens...

great work by them...

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Setting here listening the soundtrack from the Will Smith movie, I Am Legend on Spotify in my Superlux HD 681s.


Good stuff I tell ya.

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Prince of Egypt soundtrack

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The Frozen soundtrack sound is excellent.  My family and I watched the movie a few weeks ago and my 5yr old son became infatuated with it.  So my wife bought the CD for him and I played it back for him on my speaker rig.  The first few times I played it, I didn't pay much attention but the more I played it, I started to take notice of the sound quality.  So I sat down and listened to it start to finish.  I was amazed at the large soundstage, vocal clarity, presence, and the dynamics of the orchestra scores.  After checking the liner notes, I found that it was mastered by Bob Ludwig.  He is one of the best in the business and his work on Frozen shines though.  This is one of the best soundtracks that I've heard for sound quality and musical entertainment in recent years.

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Hana-bi from Joe Hisaishi is one of my favourites.

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Stumbled up on the Maleficent sound track on Spotify. 




WOW !!  You need to hear this.  It is spectacular !!

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