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Originally Posted by notmuchcash View Post
Just picked up the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack. Haven't even cracked it open yet, still need more time with Plastic Beach
I been looking at the Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack, how does it sound???
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Originally Posted by MisterMoJo View Post
I been looking at the Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack, how does it sound???
It's free of the terrible compression of most modern recordings. The kids voices are so fantastically dissonant, and for that reason, it won't be everyone's cup of tea, as any music that uses dissonance musically tends to be hit or miss for people. But there is a lot of emotion behind it, and really brings you back to the movie experience as well. For those reasons, it has been on heavy rotation for me.

It is like 'the soundtrack to the adventures of pete and pete' in that I can listen to it as a standalone album, and a great one at that.
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My definite favorites in this category have to be

Vangelis - Blade Runner

Various - Run Lola, Run

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Yann Tiersen- Amelie, seriously one of the best soundtracks

Thomas Newman- American Beauty

Dust Brothers- Fight Club OST

Lost In Translation is up there too
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Favorite soundtrack composer? Atm, Hans Zimmer.
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Macross Plus OST 1 - 2 - Yoko Kanno
Cowboy Bebop - Yoko Kanno
Stand Alone Complex - Yoko Kanno
The Vision of Escaflowne - Yoko Kanno

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence - Ryuichi Sakamoto
Wings of Honneamise - Ryuichi Sakamoto
The Last Emperor - Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ghost in the Shell - Kenji Kawai
Patlabor 2 "sound renewal" - Kenji Kawai

Spirited Away - Joe Hisaishi

Akira - Yamashiro Shoji

Blade Runner - Vangelis

Star Wars (originals) - John Williams
Indiana Jones - John Williams
Jurassic Park - John Williams

Aliens - James Horner

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - Tan Dun
Hero - Tan Dun

Lost in Translation - Various
Forest Gump - Various
Top Gun - Various

...off the top of my head
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Apart from those mentioned:

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Sunshine (John Murphy)






The Fountain (Clint Mansell)



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Soundtracks from the "Fast and furious" movies...are intense, amazing!! 

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Especially the Paul Oakenfold ones

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I'll post some more later, but this leapt to mind when I read favorite soundtracks:

Once Upon a Time in the West - Ennio Morricone

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I usually enjoy bluesy soundtracks, where the music and images are thick with that delta sweat. Two relatively recent I enjoyed were:


The Hot Spot


Black Snake Moan

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This has some great stuff on it,Sinatra, Springsteen, Cream..............etc.


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We were Soldiers

Black Hawk Down

And pretty much anything Hans Zimmer.

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Top 5 favourite OSTs:


Inception - Hans Zimmer

Road to Perdition - Thomas Newman

Kingdom of Heaven - Harry Gregson Williams

Alan Wake - Petri Alenko

Nier - Takafumi Nishimura

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