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Thank you. That's good. I don't really care too much about the headphone since I'll be using speakers; I care more about the sound when it's recorded, which from the review I expect should be good. I'm planning on recording electric guitar directly in and using modeling. Thank you for your response.

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I have a problem you guys, I hope you can help me:

I am quite the beginner DJ, but one of my best friends asked me to DJ on his wedding this saturday.

So here is my setup:


Macbookpro -> Traktor DJ studio -> Saffire 6 USB -> numark mixer


Everything is setup, and it works, but the only anoying problem is that channel 1 (out1/2) and channel 2 (out 3/4) have different loudness, channel 2 is way louder, whereas i think they should be equal.

It doesnt seem to be the software (traktor) because same thing occurs in logic; so it really seems to be the outputs.


Maybe its a driver thing? any help would be much appreciated!!



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Volume for 1/2 is controlled via the monitor knob on the front (could also be software controlled if it allows). This controls both the TRS and RCA on the back. The TRS will be "louder" since it's a balanced output.


Out3/4 is a lineout and from my understanding doesn't change in volume. You will have to adjust out1/2 to match.

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Excellent! maxing the knob on the front maximized Ch1/2, that did the trick!


Now I have 2 other questions/problems:



1) I use it for home recording (with logic) without problems. Although i noticed that the focusrite doesnt have a software mixer like some other cards to fix balance and such (you always need a separate DAW). Is this true? or have I overlooked something?
2) I actually chose it because it has 4 channels (analog) out, so ik can connect it to a mixer for live DJ-ing aswell. Last weekend I dj-ed at a friends wedding and encountered a problem. After connecting it to the mixer, the input signal in the mixer was very low. Naturally, all knobs on the saffire 6 were turned up maximally. The signal remained too low/soft. Extremely low even, when compared to CD players, when i connected those to see if it was the mixer. 
This caused me to be forced to turn up the master volume so high, that sound quality was shit.
Anyone else encounter this problem?
And better yet, find a reason/solution for it?
Thank you for your time reading this, and hopefully thinking about it.
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1) Sorry, can't help with this one. I know the Saffire comes with a suite of software, but I've never used any of it.


2) This is really hard to diagnose without being there. If all the volume knobs on the Saffire were maxed, they *should* have been sending out equal volumes across channels 1/2 and 3/4. Were you connecting to the same kinds of inputs on the mixer? RCA vs TRS inputs will have different relative volumes. Were the mixer input settings all equal? Were there input toggle switches for line/instrument (which changes the input impedance)? or for that matter, some mixers have a pad and boost button on their inputs as well. There are a ton of things that could have affected your volume.

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Quick question. Will the Saffire USB 6 work with only headphones plugged in? I have no speakers atm and can't get any sound coming through my headphones. I am using a MacPro with Mac OS X 10.6.8 and when I choose Saffire 6USB in Sound settings it says: The selected device has no output controls. Any ideas? Cheers beerchug.gif

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I jumped the gun. I have it working. :)

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Hey guys. I have a Saffire 6, and I'm looking for some decent speakers to go with it.


I'd probably be looking at spending under $200, or a little more if the quality increases dramatically.


Any advice would be appreciated!

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Are you looking for regular speakers or studio monitors? active or passive?

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Probably studio monitors. Active or passive... well... I'm not so sure of the difference!


Definitely looking for 2.0 speakers. Would the M-Audio AV40s be a good bet? Otherwise, I'm contemplating Swan D1080MKII.


I'm out of my element here... I'm usually a headphone guy :P

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The AV40 are alright (great bang for the buck actually since you can find them on sale for excellent prices), but you can do better for sound if you're willing to spend more (obviously). Are you looking just for regular use or mixing/monitoring?


These are all active

M-Audio BX5a

Fostex PM04

Yamaha HS50

Behringer B2030a

Mackie  MR5

AudioEngine A2 or A5


Passive means you'll need a separate amp to power them. 

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Mainly just regular use, but I liked dabbling in a little electronic music production. Just for fun though.


They'll be connected to my computer, running through a Saffire 6.


I am trying to save so I guess I shouldn't go overboard with the price! I'll look at the speakers you listed and see if I can find any good deals.

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Best bang for the buck is hitting up a garage sale or thrift store and buying some speakers and a receiver. 

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Originally Posted by Poimandre View Post

Probably studio monitors. Active or passive... well... I'm not so sure of the difference!


Definitely looking for 2.0 speakers. Would the M-Audio AV40s be a good bet? Otherwise, I'm contemplating Swan D1080MKII.


I'm out of my element here... I'm usually a headphone guy :P

Active means the speakers are plugged into a power outlet (each speaker gets its own plug), passive means you'll have to buy a seperate amp to drive them (and set crossovers and a bunch of other s*it).


I have Mackie MR5's and they were excellent for when i used to produce electronic music. Read as many reviews as you can on as many different monitors as you can and that will help you figure out what will sound best FOR YOU! Because a lot of gear sound is subjective whats excellent for one can suck for another person.

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Dear all,


I'm facing the same problem as RipROarin with my Saffire 6 USB: "The selected device has no output controls". So, no sound in my headphones and the light is red (I'm running with a 10.6.8 Mac OS X).


Could someone help me?




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