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SOLD: TF10s & UE11 Cable -

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If you're interested in getting Custom Ultimate Ears (three driver, custom fitted IEMs), these are now for _SOLD_.

I purchased them on this forum for $150 a month ago (yes, I know there were supposed to be rules against this, but the seller didn't follow them, and I never saw them - but whatever, it was still a great deal.)

Then I purchased the UE 11 clear silver cable for the remold, and sent both to Fisher Hearing to have customs made. Pictures below. Look and sound amazing, but the fit was just slightly off on the one, so I sent back for a free remold to make it perfect (they offer free refittings for 90 days). But before they did them, I found a great deal, and decided to upgrade to another custom.

These are ONLY available as customs - (actually best, since the universal TF10 is unbearable) - and they're already at Fisher. All you need to do is send them your impressions and you'll have your new customs about 8 days later.

I would like to sell these for what I paid for them ($150), but since I've lost the original PMs from that sale, I'll be offering them at the discounted amazon price instead = $100. However, I am only selling them with the cable, so the total will be $136 for both.

Price is firm. Lowballers will be ignored. Payment via paypal. Shipping World-Wide.
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Let me know how much you want to sell it.
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Ok, these are now officially for sale.

Please PM if interested. Selling Custom TF 10s with the clear silver UE11 cable.

These are already at Fisher Hearing. All you need to do is send them your impressions, and they can start work immediately. I've already had this cleared with Kaysen at Fisher.
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waiting for your respond
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Selling only as pair. Shipping World-Wide. Please read first post for details.
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Just to avoid any possible confusion - THESE IEMS ARE NOW AT FISHER HEARING, waiting to be remolded. They will not be getting sent to anyone as is. YOU will be sending Fisher Hearing your ear impressions, and they will make your custom IEM, charge you the normal $80 remold fee, and send it back to you.

Otherwise we have to make multiple trips through the mail back and forth, which wastes needless time and money.

Please PM me if you have any questions. You can email or call Kaysen at Fisher Hearing if you want to discuss the process - they already know about this sale and have approved it. They're holding the IEMs there until someone sends in their impressions. The Fisher remolds thread has all the information you could need.

Just so everyone understands: I had these made crystal clear, but you can ask for yours to be made whatever color you want.
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they look niiiiice
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payment received - these are now sold. thanks everyone!
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