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Originally Posted by 3sloth View Post

wat about the monsters earphone sold by amazon ? 


Amazon has a really good deal now :


any ideas ?

If they are Amazon and not a third party they are real.  The Coppers I had were from Amazon.  Definitely not fake.

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Just bought fake turbines pro from dealextreme (is it ok to post here a direct link?) for 45$ :)

Brief impressions:
 Build quality is ok. I saw the real ones, and they feel much sturdier, but these fakes are quite good too.
Accessories - all right except supertips (awful, nothing like the real ones) and 6,3mm adapter (looks very cheap)
Sound quality: they need some break-in i guess ... right from the box they sound quite bad

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wow sucks that you got those fake coppers @ tiax, they do look hard to distinguish but the dead giveaway aside from the accessories is the filters on them.

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of course i knew they are fake :)

just wanted to check how good these fakes are. i gave them to the friend of mine and he likes them a lot

btw, i ordered fake beats tour for 20$, expect them to come on the next week :D

Originally Posted by Inks View Post

wow sucks that you got those fake coppers @ tiax, they do look hard to distinguish but the dead giveaway aside from the accessories is the filters on them.

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interesting...always wondered why people will do that, it's too much of a gamble imo and chances of getting good sound are pretty low. There was also some previous comparisons that said that the fake coppers sounded awfully bad.

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looking for Monster Turbines(regular black ones) on Ebay...but i've noticed there are variations in the packaging's color. is there any way to tell by the packaging which are genuine. i've seen  dark sky blue, bluish-silver, and all silver on the right side of the box with the enlarged earphone. 


there's also a seller on ebay who has multiple listings of Monster Turbines who goes by the name of "luck-tronics'....his has the silver border. do u think his stuff are genuine and is having multiple listings suspect?

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also i've noticed the ones where the left side is blue and the right side is silver like the one 'randydennis' is selling. 'fdot07' claims his is authentic. its gold a gold sticker on the upper left corner and he claims he has a reciept...trustworthy?


they all have pretty good feedback...but sometimes it can be misleading...what do you think?

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I went to hongkong for vacation and my bro broke my PL30s, so i tried to find a pl50 in one of the malls. Found one pl50 that was overpriced, and noticed a MONSTER TURBINE that was 200$-us, went out into the streetmarkets and found another turbine that had the same size box for 20$-us. I knew it was fake but i bought 2 of them anyways. Checked on YOUTUBE and it was definetly fake. HOWEVER i found that i liked my fake highperformance monster turbines way better then my pl30s. It has high bass though but didnt really matter to me (kinda liked it). Im not a audiophile, so dont listen to me, but I think it was worth the 20$ cause it sounds great. Not saying that it is good but i think that fakers are getting real good at making fakes.

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they are a lot fake Monster Turbine; it would be advisable to buy in authorized resellers only 

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I just got a pair of fake turbines an hour ago (I'm in Hong Kong btw). The seller kept insisting they were defects from China factory. But the stuff that comes with it (especially the box) gives it away as fakes. Only 2 extra pair of tips. However, the fake factory must have improved their manufacturing skills a lot. They sound pretty good, warm sound, deep bass, hard hitting, but quite overwhelming (reminds me of the CX300II). Sounds like my Tours...except with weaker and smoother highs. For the price I payed, $23, I think these are great.

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The sound is really quite good, I'm beginning to wonder if theres a chance they're using a factory reject turbine in a fake box?

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Screw the last message i said. As i already said, i bought fake ones in Honhkong, but when i got home my dad (who doesnt know anything about earphones) got the real ones. What a coincidence. The real ones are 10x clearer in everything. The fake ones cover everything with it's overpowered base. The reason, why myself and others thought the fake ones were good for fakes, was because we couldn't hear the problems because of the over powered base. the one thing that i dont like about the turbines is that some of the highs are annoying to my ears (my opinion), which is a huge turn offs. The extra 30$ difference (20$ for fakes, and 50$ for real highperformance turbines) is actually worth it. I repeat again that everything is 10x clearer and sounds better.

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oh and i forgot, the real ones are smaller in diameter and look way cooler, it is also lighter. the fake ones are so heavy and fall out of my ear a lot. I can actually sleep on these

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But I still do think the fake ones are still very good for 20$ earphones. its way better than many 20$ earphones out there.

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