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Best Suitable Headphone Amp for Beyerdynamic DT990 600 ohms

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Need a headphone amp for the studio that can properly push these puppies (600ohms). I mostly record hip-hop/rap so I want something that'll make the bass stand out and the vocals come thru clean. I heard tube amps are the way to go for 600ohms headphones. Suggestions? I'm ready to purchase and I want my outcome to be this:
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Price range? Woo audio has several amps that will kick the crap out of those phones.
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Really don't want to spend more than $400
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anyone? tube amp recommendations for 600ohms? I heard otl such as the WA3 is the way to go. Could someone explain the difference between the WA3 and WA3+? Since I'm using these headphones in the studio for tracking/recording I need them to hook up to my preamp (Solid State Logic Alpha) or my interface (EMU 0404).
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UP. Need a list of compatible tube amps...$300-600 range. read above! and help!
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I have several Beyer-based h.p. (incl. dt990/600, X-Deep Darths w/dt770/600 drivers). I've found Ming Da MC 84C07 with NOS tubes (orig. Mullard EL84, Raytheon 5751/windmills and 6HU6 of your choice) makes them sing. The amp sells new for $400, but you will spend at least the same additionally for the tubes I've outlined. Other more-costly choices that also work beautifully are EAR HP4, and the s.s. BlueCircle.
Skylab sold his (Ming Da) recently - you may wish to ask him what amp he has chosen to replace his Ming Da for them.
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I don't know too much about headphone amps...is there a way to pair any of these OTL's to my Solid State Logic Alpha Channel or my EMU0404 Interface for tracking and recording? I use these headphones in the studio booth and I want my artists to get the full experience of them...and too, I'll be using these phones to check my mix during mastering...I need them (with the tube amp) to hook up to the equipment so I can monitor. I really don't want to spend more than $500. Are there any options for this. Anybody who records in here?
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Also...would something like the Ming-Da MC66AE push them? That's more in my price range, but I don't know if it has the outputs I'm looking for...
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no one records or tracks with 600 ohms cans? what headphone amp do you guys use in your studio chain to properly push these puppies?
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The search function is your friend. This topic, like most hp/amp topic, has been discussed at length here in the past few years.

I'm also interested in the 900/600 and have found several recommendations. Skylab, who seems to be one of the resident Beyer experts, highly recommends Meier Corda Concerto amp.


I'm also considering the Maverick Audio Amp/DAC, but I have found much info on the 990 and Maverick combo.
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Take a look at the Elekit TU882R here at http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f38/el...ne-amp-410886/ and here, http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f5/rev...ne-amp-430997/ and also here http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f5/rev...embled-434829/ . I use it with DT990/600 and I'm thrilled with the performance. You can also see where Skylab ranked it and the Ming Da in relation to one another here; http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f5/rev...e-amps-402585/
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Maybe I'll get flamed for blasphemy here, but I received a pair of DT990 600 ohm cans last month and they sound great without an extra amp. I'm running these through my Pioneer receiver and can't quite imagine them sounding any better. On a lark, I plugged them into my iPod Touch and was shocked that they sounded very good even with that source (I had to jack up the iPod volume all the way though). They sound better from the iPod than my various "made for MP3" IEM's. So maybe sweating too many bullets over an amp isn't as necessary as one might think. I'm looking into buying an amp though, just to see what I might be "missing". 

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