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Originally Posted by Dubstep Girl View Post

grado ra1 = overpriced cmoy

This is true, but I'm not being facetious when I state this - you have to count the fact that they researched long and hard for an opamp (and to a lesser degree, other components) that sounded the best with Grados - not a small task.  Then they packaged it all in a neat little wood box.  The task from scratch by anyone would've probably cost at least as much as the retail price.  It's only in comparison with known circuits used for other headphones does it seem a bit ridiculous in comparison.  Yet, very few - if any - of those other headphone circuits will sound as good with a Grado.


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i think that compares to the Objective2/Benchmark Dac1 relation, wouldn't it?

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Is there a tl;dr version of this thread?

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Yes most amps are way overpriced.

There are just a few reasonable priced, it's ridiculous.

Buidling hp amps is neither high-tech nor material intensive.

Thats why it's easy to DIY


Just for comparisson. For 500$-1000$ you get some really nice home cinema AV Receivers which features 7.1Channel

countless inputs and outputs and tons of features like room correction, tone control, support for various audio codecs etc. etc.

Now try to do such a beast yourself.


I also think it's really disappointing that most headphone amps lack features.

Aside a few inputs and outputs they don't offer much.

Why has hardly a hp amp a tone control for bass and treble and balance?


A simple and reasonable priced fiio gives me more features than so called high-end products.

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High prices for commercial amps is exactly what drove me to start building CMOY amps. It's also fun to tweak and add new functionality to an existing project amp. I've now built two for roughly $60 total invested. One case was hand built from scratch.
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