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Swan D1080 Mk II mini-review

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Received them 2 days ago. Initial impressions:

1) Big and Heavy. Initial thought, before hearing them, was that I would replace them w/ the much smaller Audioengine A2's.

2) Quality Connector between speakers, but could be longer.

3) Sound Great! I will not be returning them. I have not listened to the A 2's, but I've read reviews. My speculation is that they would sound harsher/sharper than the Swans, which sound full and 'rounded'. If the inexpensive D1080's sound this good, the Swan M200 Mk II's and III's must sound really good. However, I must note that I haven't been listening to my main system or phones as I've recently moved. I've been listening to my low-fi car system and a decent boombox. So in comparison to what I've been listening to, the D1080's sound very good.

4) Loud enough for me, I haven't gotten close to their maximum output. They are 'near-field', afterall. Plenty of bass for me.

5) Definitely worth $125 + s/h.

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I just bought these speakers and while I understand these aren't suppose to be bass heavy, I still feel like it lacks any sort of bass.  I watched this video and it sounds like there was a good bass.




Mine, however, don't have much bass even when the dial is maxed and equalizer set to heavy bass.  Do your lower channel "flex" like the one in the youtube video?  Mine has almost no flex. 


If it helps, I have the 08 model and connect these speakers directly to my onboard sound card.

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