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Where to buy in Canada

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Hi everyone

I have been through loads of threads and have some IEM in my mind but does anybody have an idea where to buy thse at decent price in canada.

I am talking about:
CK10, TF5, RE0, Klipsch S4, and all the other good IEM's

thanx in advance
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Best place is the FS forum here, but you can get the S4 etc at London Drugs. RE0 is only available from Head Direct.
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which part of canada are you in?

anyway most apple stores in canada have some iems but they might be pretty expensive.
post #4 of 59 has a decent selection, and they also have a sponsor forum here.
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I bought my IE 8 and HD 595 from NCIX
post #6 of 59 has a Canada division and is fast, reliable and offers a pretty good selection. They also are Senn authorized and have decent prices on their IE8 and IE7. If you OK going outside Canada and can live with 10 days shipping, think is very good for Audio Technica stuff.
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Thanx Everyone from the bottom of my heart.
Well NCIX HAVE only sennhiesers
I am willing to buy outside the canada unless there is less shipping and no custom on it. Cause i dont want to pay $100 as custom for $150 headphones .
I live in toronto to be particular Brampton.
Any more advices are welcomed.
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And I wanna know which of these is best in every aspect whether it be base, treble, soundstage and comfort.

and any IEM better than these within $150CAN or $130 US

Thanx Again
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Long and Mcquade and Axe Music might have some stuff as well but are mosly fullsize headphones. is another choice.

accessoryjack charged me no more than $10 shipping on anything I have bought from them. I have never been nabbed for customs (2 seperate orders, one for $300 and one for $90) but you do run the risk of that.
post #11 of 59 has free shipping to Canada for their small items
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Don't try to avoid taxes and customs, it's inevitable. They've cracked down pretty hard (at least on my stuff) ever since the start of Christmas season.

That being said, your best deals are found in the FS forums.
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Taxes and customs is like a hat draw, it's a matter of luck (unless it's UPS or Fedex) . If you buy internationally, always be prepared to pay extra fees and if you get away with not having to pay then it's your lucky day
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thank you buddies .
what about the warenties????
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Check with each distributor about that.
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