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Wicked Audio Pure Sound 600 review

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I purchased a set of Empire Brands Pure Sound PUR600's yesterday at Frys Electronics. They looked interesting to me as they had some really small 6mm diameter drivers in them. While I have been thinking that smaller drivers in earphones may actually help the sound even before I seen these I didn't have a whole lot of expectation that my thought would be realized in actuality as far as better sound was concerned.

My thoughts as to why this would be stemse from the fact that most earphone due to the larger drivers relative to the ear canal & eardrum size need massive equalization in the form of damping in order for the earphone not to sound extemely muddy & boomy because of excessive bass & lower mids drowning out the higher frequencies.

As a result most of the dynamic type earphones are relatively inefficient. Typically 106db @ 1milliwatt or lower in most cases. The sound of these still is never really quite right still sonding slightly bass heavy & the soundstage collapsed with no sense of depth. Reflections abound in most designs that also limit the resolution possible from earphones as a result These effects can be easily heard on grados upper line earphones as they loose ther open sound just by putting your flat hands up near the back opening of the earphone.

So the thought was what if someone designed an dynamic earphone with really small drivers that would require less in the way of damping to achieve reasonable response to the ear. I'm not talking nessessarily flat response but resonable response that is at least listenable & doesn't obliterate the tone of the voice or instrument being played. The earphone could be considerably more effecient yet with good tone that is listenable fore hours.

Enter the Empire Brands Pure Sound PUR600's. These earphones seem to get just about everything right. There is only two minor problem areas that can spoil the fun with some recordings. There is a rise in the response below 500Hz & there is little if any correction for having plugged the ear canal so there is little or no requisate boost in the 2-4KHz range to compensate for the loss of ear canal resonance that occures with an open ear.

As a result of these characteristics the bass & lower mids sometimes overpower the upper mids to a small degree. This does not mean though that the upper mids are completely buried.

The result of these deviations from flatness results in an earphone that is supremely listenable with most sins a sin of ommission & not commission but even then the sound can be highly detailed especially in the treble. Cymbal sound is devine & realistic, the best I've heard from any earphone really. Voices have subtlelty & sweetness & are rarely harsh sounding. Bass can sound somewhat bommy but never really loosing the tonality of the instrument playing the bass line. You will still hear all the woody sound of a double bass. Female voices are sublime in thier beauty. Male voices are slighly chesty but not excessively.

Listening to Patricia Barber right now & everything sounds beautifull & detailed with absolutely no harshness. There is is even a good sense of depth to the soundstage, again the best I've heard in an earphone of any make except some grados. There is no sign of major resonant problems here.

By the way a note on the sensitivity of these phones. At 113db @1milliwatt they are pretty highly efficient confirming my thought on smaller dynamic drivers allowing higher efficience due to less need for damping to control the lower frequencies. This matches many balanced armature designes in sensitivity.

All in all a class act to follow especially given thier low end price of only 59 dollars at Fry's Electronics. Easily besting all my other phones for listenabilty, even the Etymotic ER4P. The ER4P is more accurate but too revealling of flaws in recording to be really enjoyable in the long haul. Feed the ER4P's good recordings & they sound great but Pure Sound 600 sound superb on almost everything.

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Glad you like them. Nice write-ups!

Another hidden gems???
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Originally Posted by KLS View Post
Glad you like them. Nice write-ups!

Another hidden gems???
Yes definately hidden gem!!!!
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I'd try them out but they're only sold in the states apparently.

edit: Nevermind, found them here in Canada

Their packaging is similar to Jawbone packaging, the concept that is.

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Done some more listening with both the Sansa Fuze & through my computer sound card which is the Essense STX. As good as they sound on the Fuze goung through the headphone amp of the STX definately improves matters. Bass is more punchy & somewhat less boomy but still extended. These earphones seem to like being amped.

The headphone amp on the STX is only rated down to 32 ohm earphones & these are 16 ohms but due to thier high efficiency they seem to be handled very well by the STX. I listen at about half volume with these babies on the lowest gain setting & it is more than loud enough for me.

I would have never thought that these would benefit from amping but they do. They could still use a little EQ which I tried & that really improved things, especially with piano music. I gave it 4db boost at 2 & 4KHz to correct for the plugged ear effect & that brought the piano closer to correct tonality without overdoing it. I also reduced the frquencies below 500Hz gradually so that it was -4db at 31Hz & that got rid of all traces of boominess.

This tells me that the driver itself is of very high quality, the corrections that I made are quite mild on the EQ. I would say thier frequency response is 20-20,000 + or - 4-5db which is just beyond acceptable limits of + or - 3db but not badly & can be easily compensated with mild EQ.

In spite of this these produce nice sound that is easy to listen to for hours on end even without EQ.
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Have to buy something while I send back my HJEs. How is isolation and soundstage on these? I might just splurge Since I'm taking it back anyways.
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Originally Posted by shinobi00 View Post
Have to buy something while I send back my HJEs. How is isolation and soundstage on these? I might just splurge Since I'm taking it back anyways.
Isolation is ok but not great as they have an open port in the back. Soundstage is quite good though the depth is obtained in a largely artificial way by not correcting for the plugged ear effect. The result is the sounds in the 2-4KHz region is softer than it should be. This gives the impression of a big soundstage but instruments like piano loose some of thier life as a result. Most instruments & voices sound great though in spite of this.
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I like how you say the bass is excessive even though this is supposed to be the treble version. Did you see the 800 at frys? I'm wondering if it lacks the bloated boomy bass. Hell, I may try both since I can easily take them back. I'm mostly gonna be using these for trance/death metal/rap so the bass is appreciated, just not to excessive and bloated levels like the super fi 5.
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Quick impressions: These are the re2s with good Bass! Better than the re2 in treble as well. Mids are not quite there yet. Bass not that over powering really. it's bassy, but it's not super bloated and extremely excessive like some other phones in this same price range. Seperation is very good I could easily pick out instruments. Sound stage is pretty good as well. I can feel and hear the wind breeze though my head . How wide is it not super wide but it will fill your head. They are fast as well, not quite as fast as some other dynamics but fast enough really. They are able to discern most death metal(really fast) without any hiccups or clogging.

Isolation: 7
Build Quality: 6
Bass: 8.5
Treble: 8
Mids: 7.0
Soundstage: 8.5(I was gonna give this a seven until it extended down my shoulder just now)
Instrument Seperation: 8.5
These things are like 39.99 on-line. Definitely worth it. if you don't buy them you are an idiot. tried some complys and they sound even better.
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would it be worth it to get the 10mm ones because they only cost like $60 online, or would getting the higher version lose its purpose?
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Dude these are the treble boosters and they have plenty of bass trust me. The $60 ones are the bass boosters, which I'm guessing would be really bloated. All the drivers share the same specifications, so if they added any more bass to these it would be ridiculous. You might want to try the all around(800) if you don't like a lot of bass.
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Hey found some stuff out about these. They are from a chinese oem manufacturer called forgrand heres the catalogue if anyone is interested:
http://www.forgrand.com/catalogue/catalogue.pdf they have a lot of either iems on there. some familiar.

Either the specs are off on wickeds site or they were tuned after getting them. I doubt the latter though.
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Removing the metal filter improves everything in the sound spectrum. Especially the mids.

I'm the only one posting lol. Will a/b these with the HJE Thursday, Post something up fri. morning and then send them out to joker review. I'm guessing these are going to stack up well. They are that good. I could just be used to signature as well. I really wouldn't say these are that far off from the HJEs good everything, Bass treble and mids. And all around excellent phone really. It was nice to hear what they were saying in The Faceless "Planetary Duality". the mids have definetely improved with burn in. bass can be thunderous if necessary. but whats there is pretty clear and detailed. Speration is truly nice. More width than the HJE. these ar fun and perfect for trance, rap, and metal. But they are also able to handle my betteles songs wonderfully. Time for classical!
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