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Originally Posted by Palpatine View Post
Not a joystick, but I did buy a G27 Logitech racing wheel for my PS3. It's dead sexy.
Nice. Are you only racing on PS 3 or do you do some serious PC Simracing perhaps. there is no game on the PS 3 that make the G27 justice.

I am a semi retired simracing nut myself. Also been heavy into flight simming but music is just taking to much of my time right now. Requires less energy I suppose... Being a gear head means you have to work a lot of over time .

I have owned the G25 but got to beta test the Fanatec 911 turbo wheel. Did pretty much everything better except for the pedals. I then bought a GT 3 RS and a Turbo S for it´s Xbox 360 compability...

As for joysticks I actually have a CH fighter stick with the HOTAS. I got someone to do some LEFTYHOTAS mod at simhq I think it was. I am a lefty and I have just never been able to relearn to fly with my right hand.

I also have an ambidextrous Saitek Force feedback joystick where suitable.

I am doing all my music listening from this too coupled with a buttkicker LFE.
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No...just the PS3 for my racing fix. I love the G27 for Turismo Prologue, but I can't wait until GT5 is finally released...with any luck in the fall.
Problem is that none of my friends have one ( yet ) so as such I have an unfair advantage! : )
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Originally Posted by BlueFalc0n View Post

That is pretty cool indeed. I actually didn't know they made those. I was thinking along the lines of PC Joysticks when I jumped in here. Is that what it is for? I'm a little confused. Reminds me of the old tabletop joysticks at the quarter arcades when I was a kid.
Ah, yeah sorry. I made this thread for arcade-type rather than PC joysticks used in flight-sims. But eh, that's fine too. I guess this thread can encompass everything from arcade sticks to PC joysticks!
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I've got the x-arcade dual joystick and am very happy with it.  In fact, my friend loved it so much when he came over that he ended up getting the tank stick (with the track ball in the middle).  Both have a very high build quality and are fully compatible out of the box with mame.

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I've seen a lot of people be unhappy with X-Arcade's stuff, and I've seen very few people ever recommend it, but if you're happy with it all the power too you!


I personally have a custom built stick, made of Pau Ferro wood (absolutely gorgeous wood), running 8 Seimitsu buttons and a Sanwa stick (8-way octagonal gate). Currently able to be connected to PSX/PS3/PC, and contemplating trying my hand at dual modding it to also run on 360. Absolutely beast of a thing!








Shame I don't have a better camera, my cheap one does nothing for it.

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Very nicely done, love the clear buttons!  I originally was going to go the custom route, but just did not have the time to figure it all out and put it together.  One day I would like to though as I could design it to fit perfectly in my cab.  I would also love to add a spinner for those games (eg. tempest, tron, arkanoid, etc....) that were designed with that particular controller in mind. 


Can your joystick be switched to a 4 way mode?  That would be my only complaint, and it is a small one, with the x-arcade.  It's a real pain to switch between 4 and 8 way modes and there are a handful of games that play much better in 4 way mode.


So far I'm pretty happy with the x-arcade, it has held up to an incredible amount of button mashing and joystick bashing from my 8 year old and his friends.  I think it is the lazy man's answer to those looking to get a mame system up and running with minimal effort.

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The only thing that prevents is from being 8 way vs 4 way is the gate on the stick itself. It's extremely easy to change (remove four screws, pop off the 8 way and place in the 4 way), though I haven't had a reason too as I use mine mostly with fighting games and shmups.

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Arcade stick-wise, I just have a couple of Mad Catz Tatsunoko vs. Capcom sticks that I use on my PCs with a Mayflash Classic Controller USB adapter. One of them has been modified with a Seimitsu LS-56-01 with octogonal gate, which improves the feel quite a lot. I'm currently trying to decide if I want to plunk down for some OBSF-30s or not, though...never been particularly fond of Japanese-style pushbuttons because I want that tactile microswitch feel (and yes, I know about the Sanwa OBS-30A/30B, but good luck getting those!), but Happ/iL make their buttons way too long for some reason.


Ideally, I'd have a custom case to have the best of both worlds (Seimitsu LS-56-01 and iL pushbuttons), all driven by one of those MC Cthulhu boards, but most cases aren't built to mount mixed parts-they're either all Western or all Japanese. Pre-existing custom cases don't seem to fit that requirement, so I'll have to learn some woodworking and go truly custom.


Flight stick-wise, I'm pretty loaded. First and foremost would be my highly modified Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar; FCC-1 mod for the stick (makes it feel more like a real F-16C stick, but does NOT go well with twitchy propeller aircraft) and replacement screws, Hall sensor and UTM bushings in the throttle, and a Thrustmaster RCS with a Hall sensor mod slaved to the Cougar. I bought it specifically with Falcon 4.0 in mind, but it goes well with space "sims", too.


But because of that Force-Controlled Cougar mod, it doesn't match up very well with propeller aircraft. That's where I break out a red/2nd-gen Microsoft SideWinder Force-Feedback 2 and use that as my stick. The games I play with it aren't hindered by the relative lack of buttons and switches (except for DCS: Black Shark), and the sheer precision plus smooth centering forces relative to other FFB sticks are hard to beat.


Then there's the two Logitech WingMan Interceptors I can't use on modern computers because of the digital gameport interface that no USB adapter currently supports. I do use them on older computers, though...probably the best sticks Logitech ever made. Ergonomic, precise, and the sticks themselves are loaded with three hat switches, three buttons, and a two-way rocker, as if to compete with Thrustmaster and CH Products offerings. All they really need are a rudder twist and USB support...


Finally, I could bring up my PlayStation Analog Joystick (SCPH-1110) and Saturn Mission Stick, neither of which I've used too much at the moment. The PS1 doesn't get a lot of playtime, and most of the Saturn's noteworthy games are generally arcade ports that make more sense with an arcade stick. (Too bad I don't have a Saturn-compatible arcade stick...time to go forward with that custom arcade stick project, even if it pushes back my plans to get a taste of electrostatic sound?)



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