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WTB: Grado SR-225/325 Canada

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Must be willing to ship to Canada.

Pm with what you have
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325i pristine condition.
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There are at least 3 used SR225/SR325 headphones on sale now within Canada at canukaudiomart.

h ttp://
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Thanks, I never even knew about canuckaudiomart

And I didn't know (debitsohn) you were willing to ship to canada
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** Also considering HD 595, 580
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Come on guys! Get rid of your Grado collection!

Last bump before I settle for some Senns
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It's funny how life works. I was looking for the 225 and somehow convinced myself that the 595 would have enough of a forward sound but will be picking up a set of 580.

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i'm selling a set of 225s if you're still interested.
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