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Originally Posted by trains are bad View Post
I couple years ago I sent a bunch of games, dvds and cds to an outfit called azuradisc (I think) who will resurface them for $1 each if you send them in on a spool so their machine can automatically handle them. They came back in like-new condition, including some PS1 games that were really bad. I woudn't bother trying to polish them myself for $1 a disc, but I don't know if that outfit is still in business.
At a dollar a disc, it'd cost me less than what most equipment or even expendables would cost.
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A local shop is giving me the deal at a 1$ per disc. We'll see how this turns out. If I can get about 80% of my discs ripped with this, I'll be satisfied. I'm about 21 discs from having my whole collection ripped. Quite satisfying, to be honest!
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So fun story:

I got there and showed him my stack of about 19 CD's. Of them, 10 would repair according to him. He managed to clean up 5 to his satisfaction, so didn't charge me for the other 5 that he wasn't comfortable with. Afterwards, one of the CD's he said was foobared he sold me for 5.99 (Depeche Mode's Violator), and one of the Cd's I had bought prior he accepted back (4 tracks on it wouldn't rip of 7, being Led Zeppelin's In Through The Out Door). I got in return Led Zeppelin's "Led Zeppelin" which he suggested was a better album. Not being particularly wow'd by In Through The Outdoor I accepted the trade. Also got Depche Mode's "Ultra" while I was there, and a membership to the benefits program at the store. He said he'd clean the CD's he could in exchange for buying a 5$ membership, which I believe is lifetime.

I spent 21$, replaced one of my goner's, traded in another (which I had bought from them and had troubles), and got another new CD, as well as a membership to the store. Verdict is still out how well those CD's will rip but we'll see.

I have a stack of discs that he was pretty sure just ain't gonna work ever so I accepted my fate. :\
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Turns out most of my discs were foobar. I managed to recover a few of the ones that were refurbished today, but I cut my losses on the ones that are truly dead... with pin holes and stuff worn off the back and scratches too deep to succesfully buff out. When you get CD access errors, something's seriously wrong with the disc.
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