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For everyone who has dealt with me.
Please post your impression here.

Please use this form.

(1) I (bought/sold) (headphone/amplifier/others).*Please hide detailed product's name.
(2) Please write your impression.

Thank you.
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(1) I have sold a very very good pair of German headphones to radarmod after replying to his WTB thread
(2) I am satisfied with the whole transaction: his interest was serious, communications were quick and payment was sent promptly. I would not hesitate to deal with radarmod again.

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sold an austrian headphone to radarmod.

he was great, payment was fast, and he let me know as soonas it got there safely.  i really appreciate that since the transaction was international.   thank you so much!

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I sold a portable amplfier to radarmod.   He responded promptly to all of my correspondence and payment was very quick.  Although he is not located in the USA, he provided me with a forwarding service so that I would not have to deal with foreign customs.   I received a signature indicating that the amplifier had been received and forwarded to him.  He then confirmed with me that he had received the amplifer from the forwarding service.  In every aspect, this was a flawless transaction. 



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