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Three for Three: Earsonics SM3 Triple Driver Monitor

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As many know now, Earsonics has made a giant leap on Headfi after some spreading of the monitor, the SM2. The dual driver universal that stands up against TF10's, SE530's, W3's and Um3X's without a problem in terms of not just sound quality, but also build quality.

Earsonics just announced their brand new, and upcoming Three-way triple driver monitor, the SM3. It's the same size as the SM2, infact it's very similar to the differences between the Um2 and Um3x. The SM3 is half black...half transparent, three-way triple driver...it's the same exact configuration as the Um3X. I'm sure we all look forward to seeing how this triple driver monster will go against the current triples on the market...my thoughts...UE, Shure and Westone should be worried big time, they've made a dual driver that goes head to head with their flagship universals already...

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Can't imagine how much it's gonna cost...: 345.00EUR ~ 472.248 USD? eek + shipping...eek

An d they should upgrade their 4 years or something flagship EM3-pro.
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No ways ! Its 320 EUR for the Sm2 dlx. So this one should come to at leat 400 EUR or so !
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you know (ive not heard them of course, well im not french) but i cant help but notice the similarities to westone.

sm2, sm3 in clear and black. are they maybe just westones tuned slightly differently, oh and with pointy edges?
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Does Earsonic ship outside France?
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^ Yeah, they have an online store. But when I realized they wanted €50 for shipping from France to Austria my interest in the SM2 vanished into thin air.
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Wow, 50 EUR for shipping withing Europe ? It wont cost that much them so much if they shipped that to the US !
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50 euro...

If they are 2 times better than their price I will definitely get them.
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shigzeo said in his review thread that the SM2 DLX costs ~280 €, and the normal SM2 is ~230 €. Last year though.

Their online store is showing SM2 for 280 euros, SM2 DLX for 320 euros.

So their price actually gone up??? Or shigzeo got them street price (not directly from Earsonics)?
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The price quoted on their site includes "French tax." If you order from oversea, the price will be lower but then they slap you with 50 € shipping + custom. So ye... that price is about it
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Nice, looking forward to read reviews of these when they land.
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what they need is a dealer in the states... this way, we won't be charge any Euro tax, and dont have to pay for the ridiculous shipping.

oh price is out: about 288Euro without tax plus 50Euro shipping to the states....
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if they wanted to really bring something new to the table they would have made it with replaceable cables.
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I agree the price is a bit overboard, although it could be that their price is MSRP, I know that when I bought my se530s they were far below MSRP.
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The price relation EUR vs. USD is always off when it comes to electronic gadgets. Usually it's very beneficial for Americans, most gadgets are way cheaper over there - but this on seems to be the exception due to no American distribution.

We Europeans always have to pay more, so: neener neener neener.
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