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FS- Senn IE8 [Sale Pending]

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Hi there!

I have a new, in-box/sealed set of IE8 to sell on. They are in this condition as they have just been replaced under warranty by (so, yes, they will need to be burned in). Proof of purchase will be provided with the set.

I have scouted the (UK) marketplace value for a new set of IE8 and have found that the cheapest they are currently going for, from the sites/online marketplaces that I checked (I realise I could've forgotten to check one or two places and/or that new vendors have popped up that I am currently unaware of, so, in the event I have done this, feel free to let me know), is approximately £175-180. With this context I'm asking for £160 for my set.

I will cover P&P- special delivery service- for UK addresses. I will ship internationally but that would require international buyers to cover extra p&p costs on top of what I would pay for national shipping.

PayPal or bank transfer accepted. However, if you choose to pay via card by PayPal, I will ask that you are prepared to pay the fees for that service.

I will post a pic asap. You can view my feedback thread from my sig. If you have any questions please feel free implore, either here or via PM.



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do u sent to us?
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I would gladly send to the US, yes, provided you are prepared to pay the extra cost for the shipping (would have to work this out but I imagine it's no more than an extra £3-5).
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Still up for sale? Do you accept paypal and can you find out the extra shipping cost?
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