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Senn HD-580's w/equinox, and AKG K-501's All Sold

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All of my non-portable stuff has been pretty much collecting dust for a while, so I've decided to let it go to fund some other hobbies.

Senn. HD-580 w/ 6' equinox cable and original cable: - sold

I'm looking for $175 shipped for the set, or $100 each to split them up

AKG K-501: - sold

Looking for $100 shipped

I prefer paypal (tedalton at gmail dot com) no extra fees, and prices are obo and include shipping

I am also selling some amps and source equipment I'll give a discount if you want more than one thing.

I have been out of things here for a while so if my prices are out of line let me know
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god damned amazing prices, im suprised these arent gone in 5 minutes
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everything is spf. I will get back to everyone when the deal is final or not
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all sold, thanks
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Goody for me!
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