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My wooden rack

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A little history first. Recently I decided to upgrade my speaker rig in order to bring it in line with my headphone rig. This journey up the garden path lead to me swapping out my 6 year old nad c320bee amp for a naim pre/power combo, which I love dearly.

Now by doing this I ended up with more boxes than I could house, so rack hunting I went...... While I found some gorgeous stands I just couldn't afford the ones I liked. So a trip to B&Q, £66 and 3 days latter........

It's not quite finished yet, it needs staining/varnishing and some spikes fitted to the legs. But I'm more than pleased with the results. All I need now is somewhere to put it
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Beautiful!!! What kind of wood did you use?
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Thanks roger. I didn't use anything to fancy, just planed pine. This was my first diy attempt with wood so I didn't want to use anything to expensive in case I balls'd up.
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That is very nice, hope you get many hours of use out of it.
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Looks good. What kind of joints are they? I don't see any screws. Mortise and tenon?
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Originally Posted by Gitbags View Post
All I need now is somewhere to put it
I have room for it.

Looks good, looking forward to seeing it with some finish.
Did you use dowels, biscuits, dominos, m&t? Nice clean design.
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Hot glue FTW?

On a serious note, very nicely done. I am dying to learn some woodworking skills (and get access to woodworking tools) as just like you, either there is nothing out there that is exactly what I want or it is way out of my price range.
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I wish stores would offer properly designed, simple stuff like this more!

If you'd sell it, I'd buy it.
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Nice job.
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Nice work - I now have a racking dilemna, and solution. Will post more as I progress. Long / short, I have traditionally set amps a on front loading source, but now have gone to a top load source. Design is in place, the first set of material purchased, and now some prototyping effort.

Were that more people shared in this side of DIY.
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Thanks very much for the kind words. I've seen so many amazing diy projects on here, so I'd thought I'd give it a go myself.

To answer oneplustwo and Voodoochile, its assembled with 8mm dowel and alot of glue. Unfortunately I'm not adept in true joinery, but give me time

Fraggler, all you need is patience a saw, ruler and drill and your away. Oh and a girlfriend whose dad has a double garage/workshop always comes in handy

pabbi1, I couldn't agree more. There's plenty out there on building a rack from ikea bits and of course the tnt flexy, but very little on stratch built wooden racks. I'm looking forward to see what you come up with. any chance of a design preview?

With a bit of luck I will get it finished in the next couple of weeks (no time off work at the mo) I'll be sure to post up some finished pics.

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Dowels are good! I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do for my own setup. Right now, I just have a basic IKEA thing holding up my TV with some space for a PS3, wii, receiver, and HD set top box. I need to make room for my DAC, B22, B24, and maybe some other ancillary stuff like a spdif switch box and small external hard drive. Oh, and also figure out a way to integrate the speakers I just built.

One option is to just build a wide cabinet that will be able to hold the TV on top along with the speakers so they can be placed at the edges a foot away or so from the TV. All the electronics would go underneath with glassed doors (got little kids to keep away.) I like the idea of having a "rack" but not sure I'll be able to make it work with my layout.

Anyone have any ideas or examples for something like this in the DIY realm? I guess commercial realm would work too assuming it was replicable.
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Looks really nice, you have some excellent wood working skills mate!
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Cheers DeadBoys.

oneplustwo, I think I know what you mean as I'm after something similar for my old consoles only minus the doors.

Is it something like this?

ONLY with glass doors.
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Yes, that's about what I was thinking. I might have to build some mini stands for the speakers. And perhaps tweak the shelving based on what I want to put in there. But that's the gist of it.

Originally Posted by Gitbags View Post
Cheers DeadBoys.

oneplustwo, I think I know what you mean as I'm after something similar for my old consoles only minus the doors.

Is it something like this?

ONLY with glass doors.
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