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Running out of space on my ihp-140.. cant wait to upgrade it!
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Congrats dmcom.

First post here for me. I have used my iH140 as an external recorder for sounds to complement a camera's mediocre microphone, as it lacked a microphone input. As it still has the original HD, I could hear the motor of the HD.

My question: If you have recorded sounds already with this upgrade, did you notice any other noises that weren't there? As there is no motor, you would expect the recording to be free, unless there are other interferences in play.

Did anyone with an upgrade to a better HD notice an improvement in recording quality? Please PM me, if it's regarded as uncool to disturb someone else's thread.
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JAMF, unfortunately I never used my iRivers for recording stuff. But I assume, that there wouldn't be any noise on the recording, as there is absolutely no noise or movement from the SSD at all. It is just...quiet. Sometimes it already scares me, as I was used to the HDD noise when it started.
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dmcom, do you have album art on rockbox and if so which way is best to get it on there
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Sorry, I don't use album art on my H120. As it only is greyscale anyhow, I see it as a waste of display space.
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How's the battery life now? I'm guessing you've already upgraded the battery, but any noticeable difference with the SSD installed?
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Yes, I have upgraded the battery to 2200mah. The battery life with the SSD is almost equal to that with the HDD, I would assume. At least it does not add a lot of extra battery time.
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Cool, that's good to know thanks! Hopefully when I'll get round to this upgrade in the not-too-distant future
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Just out of curiosity, after performing this upgrade, do AAC/MP4 files play more smoothly on the iRiver iHP? I've noticed that currently with the stock 40 gig HDD and the latest Rockbox installed, loading up an MP4 file will cause the music to play for a few seconds, then it'll pause to buffer, play for a couple more seconds, pause again, etc. Does having a speedy SSD help this issue out?

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Guys, anyone else successful with their H120 and a 128gb SSD?  I want to pull the trigger but would love to hear that more people have been successful prior to trying it myself.



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Originally Posted by JDUBS View Post

Guys, anyone else successful with their H120 and a 128gb SSD?  I want to pull the trigger but would love to hear that more people have been successful prior to trying it myself.



I would love to try it but 128gb SSDs are still too expensive for me to play with. I read in Misticriver that somebody tried a 100gb Pretec CF card and it worked, Rockboxed. My question is how do you format the SSD? On my 32gb SDHC, I use the Panasonic SDHC formatter.

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Originally Posted by dazzer1975 View Post

Originally Posted by labrat View Post
With a 120 Gb harddisc, the proper adapter and a extended capacity battery, there is no problem with space inside the iRiver HP140.
No "fiddly hacksaw/butchery mods" is necessary.
with the new adaptors maybe, but those who did the 120gig upgrade before the new slimline adaptors came out, and included a cameron sino 2200mah battery found it was excessively tight and some butchery mods were indeed needed.

So dont tell people what does and what does not need doing without giving them the full facts about what does and what does not need doing.

If you squeezed a 120gb hdd along with 2200mah battery without the new slimline adaptor then you are placing extreme pressure on the body of the player and your hdd will cease to function properly owing to the strain, unless you perform these mods.

There are also 120GB thin (5mm) hdds.


UPD: Oh, sorry from digging out such an old comment.

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Sorry to rivive the thread, but there's information missing hehe.


@dmcom  What SSD did you get? Will this fit?




Anyway I think above $300 it's too much I would try it for $250, maybe I'd try a 64GB instead.

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Yes, that's the one.

As described in the thread, the KingSpec one I got was faulty and I gave up, but it certainly fit in the H140 ok.

Good luck!

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Hi guys,

sorry to get back to the argument but I found your interesting thread only now...

Actually I was thinking about upgrading my old (but still performing) iRiver iHp-140 with a higher capacity HD instead of buying a new 160gb classic ipod.

It is still working with the original iRiver firmware (never rockboxed).

Does anybody can tell me if this hd is suitable for it and if so anybody has some recomendation before I start modding? I've been modding an SLR nikon camera but this is quite different:) it's first time for me modding an mp3 reader and I'm looking also for some help...

The HD I found (in wikipedia iriver page) should be this:




I will really appreciate any suggestion (maybe even on different HD to be used)





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