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The KingSpec 128GB SSD seems to work fine in the iriver H120/H140. At least that's what the German seller of a H120/128GB combo promises:

iRiver MP3-Player iHP-120 H120 @ H1128 128 GB SSD Card bei eBay.de: (endet 23.03.10 23:37:11 MEZ)

He says it's running under Rockbox, too.

EDIT: dmcom, you don't happen to be this seller?

EDIT 2: Seller has removed the SSD from the offer; whatever the reason might have been there's no word about it!?
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I received the 128GB SSD today. Just 5 minutes ago I installed it.

Hold your breath.

IT WORKS!!!!!!!

My H120 now runs with 128GB SSD. It worked right away the first time I tried.

And no, I'm not the seller.
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was it easy to fit???
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Congrats, that's great news! Is it functional with both, the iriver os and rockbox? How responsive and snappy is the interface?
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It was quite easy and similar to the normal process when you change the HDD. The SSD even is a little bit smaller, so no fit issues here.

I proceeded the following steps:
1) Hooked up rockboxed H120 to my PC and copied over the .rockbox directory to the PC
2) Open H120, remove old 20GB HDD and put 128GB SSD in instead.
3) Hooked the H120 up on my old WinXP Notebook with Swissknife on it
4) Deleted preinstalled NTFS partition and created FAT32 partition instead
5) Hooked up the H120 to my PC and copied over the previously saved .rockbox directory
6) Restarted the player: there it is without error messages!
7) Put some music on it for testing -> works like a charm!

When I tried to use the iRiver firmware I received error messages, but rockbox works without any error message.
Browsing through the rockbox database now is a lot of fun. No HDD waiting any more. Music starts right away, after you selected a song in the database.
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Thanks for that information! Now as soon as the 128GB SSDs drop below USD 200 I'm in, too!
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i need the ihp120 firmware file as i might want to rockbox mine but cant find it
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Send me your email address and I'll send it to you.
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sent thank you
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Oh Oh Me TOO Does this run only on windows or can it work on mac too.

Thanks Alan g
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Absolutely outstanding news, and thanks for the specific instructions.

Enjoy your time with your speedier DAP!
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My H120 now definitely is fast. After you select a song in the rockbox database, it starts immediately. No disk start waiting.
I have now filled the complete 120GB (real GB) of the player. Everything still works like a charm. Just awesome.
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excellent and thanks for the hex file, im now rockboxed up
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dmcom, congratulations! Also I'm a little envious, as that's exactly what I was trying to acheive. I still believe my SSD was faulty, and maybe I'll give it another go at some point... especially if I can get the SSD a little cheaper.

Btw I did actually get my refund from the supplier for the SSD in the end, and they've sent it back to KingSpec to see what the problem was.

As for the debate about whether the sflo:2 can compete with an iRiver H100 series > D10 via optical cable... I can only join in when I get my sflo:2! I'd be happy to listen to my H140>D10 for the rest of my life, but unfortunately it's too cumbersome to be really portable, hence the search goes on.
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Congrats! This is an awesome success. Hopefully I'll have a H3128 one day too.
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