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FS/FT(?): Westone 3s [Located in Canada]

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Howdy folks,

Purchased these pups from a fellow member very recently. They're in superlative shape, operate flawlessly; warranty card is unfilled and original earphone-solutions receipt is included.

I simply miss the sound signature of my old Shure e500s.

Anyhow, what you see here is what you'll get (plus the small carrying pouch, which I forgot to photograph). I think some kind of jack is missing from the package, but you get tons of tips instead.

I'm looking for SOLD. Paypal gift payment or add 3%.

Possible trades: Audio-Technica CK10, Shure SE530 (post 2008). Expect to add the appropriate amount of cash to each of these.


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sob I just bought W2's when I could've had these ...
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pm sent
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No money in my account yet; no headphones on their way yet.

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These are now sold.

Thanks again, head-fi!
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