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In search of perfect earbuds.

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I can't seem to find the perfect earbud. I tried iem's like klipsch s4i and shure 115m+ and I can't stand the feeling that somethings trying to expand my ear canals. I'm already using the smallest foam or silicone. I had Bose earphones before and it's the most comfortable one but it lacks a little in clarity. Now I bought bang & olufsen's a8 and it's clear and crisp but it lacks a lot in bass. So any help would be appreciated. Any thoughts? Am I using iem's incorrectly? How would I know? Anyway thanks. Budget is not a problem since I can save on other things lol.
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Can you explain the expanding of the ear canals? Have you tried the Comply foam tips? You should try the small comply tips (its what I use) and the IEM's disappear and I dont feel the expanding that I get with silicon tips. What is your music preference?
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What are comply foam tips? I just use the tips that comes out of the box. U mean I should buy something else? I actually listen to rnb, house, alternative and easy listening songs if it's considered as a genre. Lol thanks
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Some just can't get used to IEMs. Try forcing yourself to use to them for a few days and see if you can get used to it.
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Try the PK1 and be sure to use an amp with it and you'll love it as much as I do each day. It has the best bass I've heard from an earbud and with the clarity you will never miss. Please read also kostalex's earbuds guide for some of the best earbuds around. I forgot the link but I'm sure it would be an easy find here. Good luck.
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Comply is the way I go with my IEM. They are, like the name implies, a foam tip that acts a lot like foam earplugs. Head over to a site that sells Shures or Westones and look for a pic. I have a UM1 that I only use for airplane rights and occasionally for bus commutes, but the comply tips make it comfortable enough for me to go through a 5-6 hour plane ride with them in my ears for most of it. Honestly, I haven't tried flange tips at all. I always keep thinking that they look like torture devices.

I also agree with the PK1 if you are going with earbuds. I'm a happy PK1 owner myself, and I haven't for a second regretted the purchase.

So I'd say if you need isolation, at least give the comply tips a try and be aware that it will feel funky at first. There is still SOME discomfort with the comply tips on long airplane rides for me, but the isolation makes up for it in my book. If you don't need isolation, it's hard to go wrong with the PK1. If you don't want to lug around an amp, the PK3 is ridiculously good for the price and I've heard good things about the PK2 as well.
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What are the tips that came with the shure 115m+? is that a comply?
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Not positive, since I haven't seen them personally. From the pics, they don't look quite the same.

Here's a link: Eartips / Sleeves for Shure SE Series, SCL3, SCL4, SCL5, E3C, E4C, E5C, E500, i3c and i4c.

In my experience, these are the most comfortable, but the olive eartips seem to last a little longer and isolate better. They're not quite as comfortable, though they are the ones I use for airplane flights because of the isolation and because they seem to be able to take a little more abuse.
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Yea there are a few good guides around here that have all of the good earbuds in them... but I'd suggest looking into the Yuin line; the PK/OK(?)1s need amplication to sound their best though.
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try getting a custom eartips.
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You might want to check out the ath-cks70. The tips on them are designed to basically just rest outside your ear canal rather than in it. While the treble is a little lacking, they deliver plenty of base and don't cost a fortune.
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Originally Posted by hrv888 View Post
What are comply foam tips?
Here are Comply tips for earbuds.
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