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This is worth trying
White Bird Amplification

I have heard Smatha with AKG ... very vivd, deep sound, byt Samatha is more expensive.
White Bird Amplification
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If you want to try out tubes without breaking the bank to do so then ill advise you to try this amp - Valve Class A Tube Headphone Amplifier pre Bravo V2 c - eBay (item 260552170468 end time Feb-12-10 23:00:57 PST)

Don't let the low price fool you. Its a very capable amp and I prefer this amp to my SS home amp even though technically my home amp is better (more extension in the treble and bass with my home amp). However its made the sound very lush and non fatiguing enabling me to listen to music for hours without getting tired.

You should be able to score one for about $40 - $45 + $16 shipping.

If you really hate it then you can sell it for about $40 thus loosing about $20 in the process. However I am confident you will really like this amp even with the stock tube (getting a NOS tube is however recommended to replace the cheap Chinese tube)

Its also a tube hybrid and not a pure tube amp so it should be a good match for your low impeadence K701 headphone.

There is a big thread on Bravo here - http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f5/bra...e-amps-444400/
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Hold on there!

I would stay clear of tube amps with the K701s! Honestly, being a former owner I didn't like them much with my $700 tube amp. I tried the Woo6 and still crappy results.

Honestly my old Total Bithead beat them both!

As they are only 63ohm headphones, they really require current to power them properly...something that tube amps have a harder time supplying over solid state amps. Normally I would take a good tube amp over a good SS amp any day; except for the K701/2s!
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If you are after the ability to "tweak" the sound of your K701's by tube rolling, I'd suggest you take a good look at the LD MKIV. It falls in your budget and has plenty of power in my opinion. I just sold my LD MKIV due to purchasing a Audio-GD Phoenix. I was very satisfied with the LD but I needed better pre-amp functionality for my stereo.

Before I sold the LD, I did some comparisons. The Phoenix (a very well regarded SS amp on these forums) did provide a little more tight bass, a little more clarity in the highs and a larger soundstage. The Phoenix is an improvement but I definitely would not say the difference was night and day though. I think this speaks well for the LD MKIV seeing that the Phoenix costs 4 times as much.

The LD does a nice job smoothing out the highs of the AKG's if you find them to be a bit harsh. I would recommend (David from LD did as well) the MKIV over the MKIII as it is more powerful.
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asmagus: How much is the White Bird Amps? First time see that brand.. How is that perform with K701?

brendon: I've seen those on ebay before, Valve Class A tube.. I thought it was suitable for IEMs.. Will it sound good with K701? Price is cheap.. but LD MKII is similar in price?

MacedonianHero: Many people have told me about SS amp are better for K701 than tubes.. I am still in serach for good pried used Heed audio canamp... hahaha..

Horio: I heard about tube rolling on Little Dots.. Will it sound good with K701?

Overall..I am in search for the affordable amp that can drive my K701 to the best.. I've been hearing too much about K701 needs good amp to make it sound better.. My search still continues... Thank you everyone.
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If you are open to DIY, the CTH is a great little amp, and is proven to drive just about any headphones that have been thrown at it. I use my K601's with it and they sound great, and are even lower impedance than the 701's (even harder to drive). You can build one for less than $200 and you can find the info on building one here: The Compact Tube Hybrid Amplifier
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@OP - I have that very same amp and it drives my HD650 to ear shattering volumes so I have no doubt it will drive your K701s pretty well. And the sound is simply amazing given its low price.

There are two versions - the 'premium' version with a Electro Harmonix 6922 tube and a normal version with a 12AU7 type Chinese tube.

I suggest you bid for the 12AU7 version and get a decent NOS tube.

The amp is so cheap compared to others that in rare chance you don't like it you wont take a big hit to your wallet.

Best thing is that the seller is very helpful and replies to any queries quickly. A few members have had issues with their power supplies and/or amps. He has sent replacement PSUs or replacement amps without asking for the old ones to be sent back to him. Highly recommended
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