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Any Meets in Atlanta/GA area? - Page 3

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It looks like May 1st and 8th are currently available, so what's everybody's availability for either of those dates?
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Good talking to you today Travis. Looking forward to seeing everyone again! @Fitz, I think I would be good for both of those dates.
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Right now either date is looking good for me.
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The 8th is good for me.
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either would be good for me as well, but I would prefer the 1st.
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Trav. 8th. Make it happen.

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Make it so.
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8th to go along with the rest.
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This would be a great coincidence, I may be in Hotlanta to visit my parents the weekend of May 8-9 and it would be great to have a meet going on. Woohoo!
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The date is set for the 8th.
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Thanks Fitz!
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Sorry for taking so long to post. Work has been busy and ugly to say the least. Anyway the rep should have the contract emailed to me by tomorrow. Thanks.
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May 8th will work for me.
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Contract signed. Let's Party!
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Thanks for all the great works, Trav.
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