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Thanks for the advise. I think before I get help from Ryan, I will try to roll back to other tube, swapping other opamps and even try the SS RCA out to filter the possible causes.

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OK Burdie, best of luck and let us know how it settles out.

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Originally Posted by VTHokie83 View Post

OK Burdie, best of luck and let us know how it settles out.


Just some updates on some diagnostic actions taken so far

1. Tube rolled back to stock one, with stocks opamps, still having noisy sound and weak bass on CD-in but fine on other inputs, so not the problem with tube and opamps. This was done with CDP coaxial out and notebook foobar2k over usb to matrix then line out to D1's both line in and analog in, then both SS and tube out to the amp

2. CDP to D1 (no matrix dac) via analog/line in, no luck still have that noise in CD-in input but lesser than having matrix dac in between. However, using coaxial or usb to get digital signal from sources CD-in has NO noise at all.

So i suspect is the line and analog in of D1 causing the noise, but why it only happened on CD-in but not on other inputs?  I then try to look for any ratings differences on the inputs from my yamaha amp service manual, i think i found the reason why CD-in produce noise, this is mainly due to the design of yamaha amp (correct me if i am wrong), the CD-in do not share the same circuit board with other inputs, it has dedicated board with some opamps soldered there at which yamaha claims to reproduce or amplified more details from the source signal (if i read it correctly) and hence it amplified the noise from D1 which might be from the analog in, this might explain why other inputs have so such noise.

Now, back to the analog in, how do i ascertain that it is truely having noise which only an input of any amp having the so called better sounding can detect it. (ps i am not saying my yamaha amp is superior but in fact it capture the noise)

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Maverick Audio D1 from box is better than Yulong U100?

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Got mine today, seems to work alright! Haven't tested yet with my KRK monitors.

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Would the TubeMagic D1 be sufficient to drive Mad Dogs?
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First off let me say I have never tried Mad Dogs with either of my two systems, a Maverick D1 or Maverick D2 DAC/Schiit Magni combo (my current setup).


Based on your post, my assumption is that you have the straight "Mad Dogs", and not the "Alpha Dogs". If so (and my assumption is you have the units based on the Fostek T20/40/50RP) then the impedance is 50Ohms. That being the case, then the Maverick D1 is more than adequate to drive the Mad Dogs. Hope this helps.

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TubeMagic D1 Plus DAC


 i am going to use it with DT 990 PRO


is It capable of feeding to the fullest ?



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First off, I never auditioned the DT990 Pro with the Maverick Audio D1.....so I cannot relate to you a personal listening experience.


The most common DT990 Pro cans have a 250 Ohm impedence, some older units were also a available in 32 Ohm and 600 Ohm versions I believe. The Maverick D1 has the following published power output: 32 Ohm 1000MW, 300 Ohm 500MW, and 600 Ohm 300MW. so it sounds as if the D1 would work  very well with the DT990s.....in fact Byerdynamic's own A2 and A20 headphone amps have these power outputs 100 mW 600Ω,170 mW 250Ω,150 mW 32Ω. I do understand that ability to drive a certain resistance is not the only way to measure an amp, I surmise that the D1 would drive the 990s to deafening levels without distortion.


Before purchasing though, I would contact Ryan at Maverick to get his take on the pairing....I found him to be responsive, helpful, and honest in his responses back to me; one more reason I purchased two units from his company (D1 and D2 DAC). You can contact him at http://www.mav-audio.com/base/product/ask-questions or info@mav-audio.com.


Please keep us updated on your progress.

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Hi everybody!

 Thanks to everybody for the dedication in making a better world for good audio enthusiasts.

 My question is:

 I read on the beginning of the thread that the DAC section inputs downsamples everything to 16bit 48MHz. Does the D1 PlusEdition still suffer from this? Thank you in advance for your replies!

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Sweetsuicides, I believe the following is true.....if not please correct me.


The D1 and D1 Plus "upsample" not "downsample".


The standard D1 handles 24bit/96khz data in native mode as long as the input is via the coax or optical digital connections, USB input is  16bit/48khz,,,,,,anything other than that will be upsampled to 24bit/96khz I believe.


The D1 Plus handles 24bit/196khz in native via the coax or optical digital input, and will upsample lesser input to 196khz, USB input is 24bit/96khz.

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Thank you


you have been extremely helpful!

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Upgraded to the D1 plus after so long.
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Originally Posted by Sorbus View Post

I'm considering D1 as my first DAC / headphone amp. Am I correct thinking that I could use the knob to control my active speaker's volume with basic model's knob, not with the plus version? Could I connect my KRK's to the tube out with rca-xlr or should I use the normal out?


Sorry for the dumb questions, I'm new with these things. 


After you place the order you'll get a conformation email and you can reply to that email with any special requests.


I took that opportunity to requested that my TubeMagic D1+ be configured so that the volume control knob controls RCA output in addition to headphone output. Ryan from Mav-audio replied back and said that he would do that for me :)  


I am using it with a set of Audio Engine A2 powered speakers on the tube pre-out. They (the A2) do have a volume knob but its located on the back of the speaker. 


The sound is really nice.  A2 never sounded better.

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