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Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 (DAC/Amp) - Condensed FAQ and Info Thread - Page 3

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Thanks for the great work, Spanky. The changes make sense. This makes finding information much easier and I believe many people will find it helpful.
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Thanks, between this thread and reading the other thread (all of it ) i have placed my order for the D1 ... cant wait till it arrives.
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Glad this helped neddamttocs. Although, you don't have to read the other thread completely I've gone through many times and pulled as much information as I could to make it easier.

Updated to v0.9 - Added warning about LT1364 opamp.
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It was slow at work so it gave me something to do.
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Could someone please post the physical dimensions of the D1.

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I was thinkin I should add that to the thread

10 1/4" wide (faceplate)
10" wide (body)
2.5" tall w/feet (feet are .5" tall)
6.5" deep (knobs add on about 3/4" to that)
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Should stick a probe on the opamp and try to record its temperature after a few hours of music/being on. Then check the temperature limitations of it, chances are it is well within limit. Though a quick fix solution if heat is an issue would probably be to take out the tube if you are not using it since it seems to create the most heat(and completely slipped my mind when I felt the top of mine).

If you are handy enough you could probably cut a fan socket and stick 1 fan over the opamp and use the other holes as exhaust for hot air. I doubt any component's self generated heat is going to cause damage to itself or the D1 itself. If anything the chip burns out but the socket and D1 should be ok, last time I burnt out a chip that's all that happened and considering the price of that opamp it can easily be replaced.
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Did you miss this post:
Or are you just adding your thoughts?

Added dimensions and info about adding heatsinks.
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Spanky, great OP thank you!
Could you please add dimensions in cm as well as those weird numbers you call inches please?

PS. Just realised I never posted here since registering, so "Hi" everyone!
PS1. Need to update my details too

PS2. Is there no way of altering the USB sampling in Winamp?
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sirlukas, I'm honored that your first post is in my thread I added google-converted dimensions in cm, keep in mind they are approximate and most likely a mm or two off. Also, try the USB driver, then you should be able to set it to whatever you want in Winamp.
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It is my pleasure too, so many years of not posting, I wonder how did I manage

BTW, this DAC/Amp seems to be the best value for money when it comes to features.
Does it really sound good, as in is it worth getting it for my PS3 (optical), PC (USB) and Denon AH-D2000 (or Shure SE420)?
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There's several people here that use it with their PS3/XBOX and really enjoy it. I'm not about to down-talk USB but I really like SPDIF It is a great intro unit with room to add on and upgrade, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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If I only had a proper sound card, I would probably use SPDIF, but in my case I need USB. I was looking at Audio gd Fun, iBasso D10, Beresford Caiman and Maverick D1 (which I favour for its price ). I am not sure if it is all worth spending that much of money anyway.
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If you're just using onboard sound now, it will be a large improvement. Even for me, going from a hot-rodded X-Fi with a CMOY amp it was an improvement. Not to be mean, but you should post in the discussion thread
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Thank you for your hard work in giving full details on the D1. Your enthusiasm got to me and I ordered it. It arrived yesterday. I can only say at this time that the sound is quite spectacular...price or no price! Have listened straight out; from MacBook Pro through USB, and connecting an SACD player into analog in.

When it has enough break-in, I'll compare it with the Paradisea 3. I can tell you, though, that the USB of the Paradisea 3 does not have as good a sound as D1. Using the Chinese tube (will replace later), what impresses is the enormous sound-stage in orchestral and highly complex instrumental music (ie. Pink Floyd’s “DSOTM” SACD, Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring”). Jostling my memory of the DAC1, which I didn't like at all for its too-bright presentation, the D1 is infinitely preferable for my taste in sound. No glare.

As a DAC, I doubt it could swim in the same waters as my Audiomecca Enkianthus, but will compare when I get around my main system in the near future.

So far, it seems like a screaming bargain!
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