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Are they available to buy?
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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post
No, not the comply. A new foamy with an amazing rubber canal. The Comply is good for comfort, but overall, warps the sound a bit. The new one (white - will get pictures up eventually), is simply stunning.

Again, it is NOT the comply foam, but a new Monster proprietary foam - something they should have had at first.
Yes! they are very nice....only my ear canals are too big for them.
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Originally Posted by tstarn06 View Post
Are they available to buy?
Message me your addy, I will mail you a pair.
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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post
hear the Ortofon again last night: excellent power and control. It isn't my favourite earphone, but it is impressive.

Anyway, the new ear pieces are in a word: excellent. The new foam is high density, but coated with some sort of anti-mess, anti-water film and the inner hole doesn't compress as much as competing tips, so bass isn't mushed or spread beyond control. Monster have more than done their homework.
Would you be kind enough to tell me what you think the ortofon's lack, I am considering purchasing them.
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I just wanted to chime in and say my coppers came and I am very happy with them and their sound. Male and female vocals come out beautifully,

I might pick up the sony tips and I'll probably order the new Monster hybrid tips when they are available in a few weeks. Until then, I can shoe-horn in the smaller supertips--if you firmly squeeze the supertips, they hold that squeeze for the moment it takes to get them to your slightly oval-shaped ear canals.

EDIT: Wait, nevermind, the supertips are easy to insert--the trick the Monster quick-start guide gives of pulling the auricle (that's the radar-dish part of your ear) up and back, which opens the ear canal, while you insert the earphone, is perfect. Did everyone already know to do that? I was a little amazed by how well it worked.

N.B. The Klipsch oval gel tips can be relatively easily fit on the turbine pros in spite of differences in circumference--just turn the gel's outer shell inside out and then you can smush the inner sound tube on the turbine. I didn't really listen to them with the Klipsch tips, but it's possible.
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I can't wait for the review...

For no removable cables, the lifetime warranty seems good.
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Originally Posted by the search never ends View Post
Would you be kind enough to tell me what you think the ortofon's lack, I am considering purchasing them.
I think it could be summed up in the word, 'finesse'. The Ortofon sounds great, is powerful and for all reasonable results, is smooth. But it always comes across a bit 'brutish' where it could be silky.

It is a personal opinion of course. I think it is an excellent rock phone and very good, but my personal tastes have other earphones which are better.

@Shooting Stars - believe me, removable cables are more a liability than non-removable cables unless you really abuse the earphones, in which case, removable cable phones will break in two parts: earphone and cable.

About 90% of the earphones I see brought back to the store I frequent are Ultimate Ears with removable cables. The cable or the housing breaks at the junction. Trust me...
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Thanks Shigzeo, that's a pretty darn good description of what you hear.
And much appreciated.
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James444 has a very good comparison thread up - somewhere - I have to restart Safari for a keyboard update of all things - so I cannot dig it up. But the Ortofon is a special earphone - very special. I think its fans really love it. I am on the edge of fandom and reasonable respect.

A lot of these high-end iems now are treading similar performance ground, just different textures of the same. You cannot go wrong as long as you know what sound signature you are looking for.
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^^^ I agree, I have seen many compare it to the W3, with some preferring the W3 and some the ortofon. I am going to take my time deciding between the two. I personally preferred the se530 over the um3x, another pair that are similar, but opinions vary widely on personal prefernce.
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A fellow who goes by the handle "Wiley" has a done a number of nice reviews on Amazon for the IE8, IE7, SE530, and now--a comparison of the MTPgold and MTPcopper with the IE8.
Here's his review. Keep in mind that he edited it a few times, with the part about 40 hours burn-in being when he first got the golds.

I will be comparing the gold/copper version in the next 5 days, amazon has lumped the gold/copper together, making me unable to do a total comparison. I will post my thoughts on how they compare by the feb 17th at latest. Hopefully it will be helpful to those deciding which is more suited for them, or if adding it to your gold set is worthwhile.

Ok....It's been fun comparing the Monster turbine pro gold, copper and sennheiser ie8. The verdict is not any easy one, the copper and gold do sound different. Have no doubt, Not major differences, but enough to matter. The copper is a little nore forward, while retainig a smooth sound, and good detail. The bass is slightly different, and a personal prefernce thing. At times the copper seems a little leaner in the midbass, other times, not. The soundstage seems slightly improved on the copper. I like them both, and will keep them both. Very good Value, I got the copper for much less than what is currently being asked. Don't overpay. The pro copper and gold retain the status of being among the best valies in top tier universal fit iem's. How do they compare with the sennheiser ie8, Well much of this depends on the fit, all 3 can be tough to get a really nice seal. Some hear a very pronounced upper bass on the ie8, however, with the fit I get, it's generally, not overly done. All 3 have great build, with the monster lifetime warranty, you can't go wrong. Overall I slighlty prefer the Monster pro's With one problem, the weight of the monster buds render them to being used only when not being highly active, here the senn ie8 wins hands down. I really enjoy the ie7 and ie8 on the go, but for listening at home or on a plane, the Monster pro's really edge out the sennheiser ie8 a little. A slightly more forgiving nature, and really no serious flaw. The sonic differences between the gold and copper versions are relatively small. I doubt you'd be able to tell on much music. I simply can't declare a winner between the two, for a particular song, yes. If hip-hop and very bass heavy music are your thing, maybe the gold, if orchestral music is your thing maybe the copper. Either is a top of the line for the price, if the price was close, I say flip a coin if you have a broad music listening taste. If the price of the copper is much higher than the gold, I would say, the gold is the way to go. I paid about the same price for each. Detail is a little better on the copper, and it is slightly more refined on some music, the Gold is a little laid back. At the price the ie8 is going for along with the fakes out there. I would probably say the monster pro is the way to go. If you are detail oriented, The copper delivers a little more. The pro copper is right in line with and even tops many top tier universal iem's. It doesn't have the exacting setail of a few others in the upper treble, but it spanks them everywhere else.
In the end, I am pleased I ended up with both versions. Watch the price on the copper though, it's not worth a large premium over the gold, I wish I could say one is truly better, but I must admit, for my ears, that would depend on the song. The copper is more accurate. In my opinion, both put the klipsch image X10 to shame, I still love my se 530's and many others.
None the less, my final is really going in the right direction. Being able to edge out the sennheise ie7 and 8 is no small feat, from a new player in the iem market. I want to reiterate, I could care less about the monster name, only what I hear, These are among the finest. Happy listening.
[here's the older review of just the golds]
I don't like to review a product after only a few days owning it. However, after only about 40 hours burn in, I can't imagine how much better the sound could get. Unlike what I've read about the turbines, this set has a bass that opened up with burn in. As a music lover that has spent crazy amounts of money on audio equipment, I find it refeshing that the Monster Turbine Pro offers amazing value. The music is so cohesive, no midrange congestion at all. Clean, fast, deep bass. The bass never gets in the way of the music. The mids are awesome, not overly warm, no sibilance. Of course any recording that bad sibilance in it will show up, this little in ear won't add any. The highs, at least to my ear are perfect as well. Not overly bright, nor dull. All the instruments sound convincing. It's nice to hear all the instruments come across, without blurring together. I feel a few may want more extreme highs, at least from comparing to what I've read in reviews of other iem's I've read. That said, I think any more highs would sound artificial and splashy. The cymals sound very good. The basss guitar lines ar great, and don't get in the way of the rest of the music. Snare drums snap. Everything just seems to translate the music in a very convincing manner. Soundstage is good, not the best I've heard, but better than most. The most endearing part for me is how good the bass is, and yet not ever getting in the way of the music. I won't compare to other brands.......don't want to step on toes. My opinion is subjective, and I am not easily impressed once I get to this price point. If this is your price range, the set is worth a look. The price has gone up since my pre order. I'd still call them a bargain. My next purchase of iem's will be this exact same set. I have heard many, and many that cost more, but not better to my ears. The cord complaints on the old turbine are gone, minimal microphonics, strain relief, you name it. This cord is as good as I've seen. I could not be more impressed with the sound, at least for this price point. In my opinion you'd have to get a custom earmolds with even a much more expensive set to improve the sound. And watch out for those 1 star reviews from the many that hate the "monster" name. A lifetime warranty, outstanding performance for the price. And very comfortable fit, no fatigue after hours pf listening. From a music lover that is much more concerned with what he hears, than the name on the box. Amazon is still my first choice for online purchasing. (not third party) I hope anyone that decides to purchse these, will enjoy what they offer as much as I do. I have spent too much time looking for what I've found with this set. I am one happy music lover!

Edit: Over 150 hours easy, so....I am declaring the monster turbine pro as The set of iem's I'd use, if I could use only one!
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Originally Posted by Enanthate View Post
I would try getting a hold of some Phonak PFE grey silicons before you give up on these phones. I'm finding the mid bass very tight and enveloping. Mid range warm, musical and slightly forward. And highs are extended and controlled. Everything seams very cohesive and natural with about 40-50hrs on them. What keeps me coming back to these from my CK10's is the expansive sound, great mids and the mid bass I'm a closet basshead. I'm not minding the slight drop in SQ.....yet. I'm trying so hard to resist the Ortofon e-q7.

....God my gf is gonna kill me if she see's another pair of headphones at the door.
Nice catch. I am impressed with the improvement the phonak tips make, very cool man....Thanks.. now I gotta really dig in and listen.
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hey are the sony hybrids anything like the shure olives?

btw sony hybrids = ex10a?
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well they are both black in color :P but other than that not really..hybrids are more of a soft silicon and olives are foam type but dont really have to compress them like a comply for example
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oh... cool... so anyone know if any foamy silicon types fit the turbines?
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