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So overall for my genre of music;hip hop, rap, electric. Would you recomend these or the golds?
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I have never tried the Gold, so I couldn't way for sure. Based on your music genres, they will handle it without problems. I listen to electric (electronic??) sometimes with my MTPC. I don't listen to much hip hop or rap though.

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I have a question guys, Im also a teenager on a budget, and was wondering if I was to buy the refurbished versions on the monster website, would it be worth it, and what accessories would i recieve from it?
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Originally Posted by CD23 View Post

So overall for my genre of music;hip hop, rap, electric. Would you recomend these or the golds?
I use my MTPC mainly for HipHop/Rap an they sound fantastic. Great bass and no recessed mids ( which is Important for lyrics) and some sparkle up top to bring out the high hats. Recommended!
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Not sure if there are many left but Visions Electronics had these on sale for $98 in Canada which actually enticed me to pick up a pair again after several years away from them. Out of the box they are a bit boomy but I know this will settle down with burnin/use. Not sure I will keep them but figured at their price I will be able to sell them without taking much of a loss. I like the new ear guide things it really helps stabilize them in my ear which was one of the reasons I eventually got rid of the pair I bought and gave away the pair I received to do my review with.
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Compared to my Sennheiser HD212 Pro(known as bloated bass monsters) , the MTPC have better bass quality, much more mids, but , strangely less highs. The HD212 go up to 19000hz, but I neves saw any hz specs. I tried many Monster and Sony tips but none give that "TZ" sounds fron electronic dance music tracks. Is the MTPC so mid-centric ??? Or mine had just worn out? I just ordered Audio-technica ATH-Pro700mk2 in the hope that I will have also some highs along with the bass (5-35000 hz). Is there anyone that has both to compare ?

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The copper has a lively sparkly treble in my opinion so I wonder if something was wrong. Sony hybrid tips have a tendency to reduce treble though so that may be part of the problem.
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I just did a bit of tip rolling and the hybrids do attenuate the treble but they also tighten the bass reducing the rumble so sound not bad especially if your bothered by treble. I also tried a couple of different open mouth tips and they open up the sound a bit more and increase treble. The stock single flange tips still sound very good to me though.
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I do not like excessive high frequncies, my right eardrum kinda vibrates on high volume, but the difference was there. And that Sennheiser is a bass forward can. I cannot remember the Turbine delivering sparky trebles, I enjoyed their treble so far. I bought them as used, in perfect condition, I am pretty sure they are genuine (comparing with the fakes in other topic). One thing that could affect the sound might be the cable relief strain that fell appart from the earpiece, but if I switch the sides left-right both ears hear the same sound.

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Got mine for a week during Canadian Vision sell.

Had really high hopes/expectations for these cans.

un-boxed it, used it, big disappointment in about 2 minutes.

at first i thought my normal turbine sounded twice as good.

WTF right?




The natural EQ of these coppers are just too "bullet" shaped, Way too much mid frequencies around 1KHz

and it actually hurts my ears when I listen to them above a certain listening level Un-EQed.

I am not a bass head, and i like high frequencies.

and guess what, with this bullet shaped tone came with copper,

I dont have enough bass because the mids are relatively way too much.

and I dont have enough highs because the mids are relatively way too much too.

so i am forced to EQed it with my custom "U" shape freq.

EQ preferences might be a very subjective area,

but i am comparing it to at least 4 other IEM including AKGs, Sonys, MEE, and even the normal Monster Turbine.




this copper of mine are with control talk.

the extra MIC ch means that this will have 3 stripes VS the normal 2 for stereo L and R

and the very annoying part comes when I connect that 3 Stripes to the 1/4 adapter and use it on anything like a external DAC/AMP.

it mixed my stereo into mono, unless i press the talk button.

tried 3 to 4 1/4 adapter and all assaulted the same mono mix-down.

some time later I managed to MANUALLY fix this by slightly unplug the 3 stripes from the adapter.

and then the mono mix-down go away.

might be a personal case, but it s really annoying.



now after two to three days of "U" shape EQed critical listening.

it started to sound like a $350 IEM.

the below are some of the reasons that stand out the most.




First is the "Headrooms" are super big.

I personally find that headroom are the only characteristic that low-mid headphones DO NOT have.

and the Coppers has super noticeable big headroom compare to all my other IEMs that are less than $100.

this characteristic itself puts coppers in the mid-high range no doubt.



Mid Bass is super detailed.

now even after my U shaped EQ settings. 

The mid bass level are still a little too much for my personal liking.

but it is not even close to MUDDY.

I can clearly hear the separation of lower instruments like kick drum VS bass.

very good quality & characteristic here.


however here is my over all conclusion:

if you are expecting copper to have a flat frequency responds, avoid it.

The bullet shape EQ hurts my ear when i listen to music above a certain level.

and note that this level is not near my usual desire level.

so i have to listen to music at lower volumes.

personally i hate EQing for any reason,

but for me it is not usable if I don't EQ.



Am I the only one didn't like the bullet shape tone and have problems with the mono-mix down?

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Originally Posted by zkkzkk32312 View Post

Am I the only one didn't like the bullet shape tone and have problems with the mono-mix down?


Mine have never struck me as having an overly mids-boosted signature. It's certainly a sculpted sound (not neutral), but highs and lows are there in abundance, and the mids are only prominent in a pleasant, non-dominating way. I have sensitivities to excessive sibilance, and the Coppers strike an amazing balance of being lively, detailed, and spacious without crossing the threshold of my discomfort. Not an easy feat, considering anti-sibilant sound typically comes coupled with a more smooth, relaxed, and distant signature. The Coppers remain my favorite IEM despite their age, and I find myself continually surprised by them when feeding them new music.


As for the mono mixdown problem, my Coppers are thankfully ControlTalk-free (can't stand microphone/control modules on my cords, personally) I can't speak on that particular issue.

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I tried the adapter - yes there is the issue of mono-mix down for the control talk version.


YMMV but i had an RMA started around December 20th for my MTPC non control talk. I was recently sent back the gold version with controltalk - but the CSR also mentioned the fact they were refreshing the earphone line up mid-2014

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I did a quick and dirty comparison with my normal tirbine and I am positive that my copper has more mids. And more controlled bass. Maybe I am indeed one of the few that cannot stand this sound signature.

And as for the refresh....
Thank you for the info. I will not rma this untill it's been refreshed if I decided to rma.

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400 dollers IEM that mix down mono when using 1/4 adaptor is just....

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Originally Posted by zkkzkk32312 View Post

400 dollers IEM that mix down mono when using 1/4 adaptor is just....

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It's the fact the adapter was not designed for the TRRS plug (a few things designed for 3.5mm TRS dont work well with TRRS headsets in general - depends where they put their ground pin)


I used a small 3.5mm to 3.5mm extension cable and problem solved for me.

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