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I've had no luck in the past with any crazy deals like that. The items were always out of stock. I wasn't keeping my hopes up but I was lucky with this deal. Your time will come as wellbeerchug.gif

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AH you actually got them on that sale!!!! What a missed opportunity it was for the rest of us! The worst thing is, it says on the site they will restock on the 9th and right beside it says sale ends on the 5th :( I envy thee, sir.


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I got mine on sale too. :D

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Right now I'm not actually THAT impressed (coming from the Visang R03's), but I am using my own eartips and not the supertips that come with the IEMs. 


Does it make a significant difference in sound? 

I've found that the highs are quite harsh when my EQ is off on my iphone. 



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I use sony hybrid tips and don't hear much difference from monster's own silicone tips. Both silicone tips sound better than the monster foamies tho. The highs will settle down with more time, but apart from that, i did not feel that the sound changed much.

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Just received my MTPC today, thanks to the help of a fellow Canadian during the sale...


My confidence in dynamic IEM has been seriously dented recently and I tend to stick with the BA IEM, but this little monster (pun intended), kinda restored my confidence in dynamic IEM...


Straight out of the box, wow...


...with unamped iPod classic, nice...


...iPod classic + E11...WOW!!!...


...PC + E10....DAAAAAMNNNNNNN!!!!!


One power hungry IEM, the difference between amped and unamped is very, very substantial, but given the power...HOLY CRAP!!!


Time to go and enjoy...will start the burn in process now...and can't wait to enjoy this little monster after 100+ hours...


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Just received my MTPC today, thanks to the help of a fellow Canadian during the sale...


Time to go and enjoy...will start the burn in process now...and can't wait to enjoy this little monster after 100+ hours...

Good luck! I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do. 

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Tried these out yesterday (my cousin bought his pair on a HMV staff promo at like 50% or more off). 
Straight out of the iPhone, they sounded good. My immediate feeling about the sound was, it's quite a dark sounding IEM. Lots of sub bass presence (likely too much), less mid bass, but a surprisingly open soundstage as well as a very good overall balance meant everything had a good distance and space around it. The bass didn't cloud or get in the way too much, but it was there. I was able to switch attention from different sounds in recordings with relative ease, which is always a good sign. Felt vocals were a little stretched out and at times thick, but the biggest negative for me about these was the high's just weren't particularly sharp or detailed (though still comfortable and present), and because of the IEM having a low emphasis, vocals lost a tiny bit of a peakyness or accuracy in pitch.
However, like the W4's, this can be EQ'd out. In-fact, they're in some ways quite similar.
A quick and easy comparison of IEM's.
SE535 - The most energetic and dynamic of them. Very busy on all fronts. Solid mid bass, good punch, forward mids, sparkly high's. Not a huge soundstage but certainly a fun sound. Detail is great, but can get lost in the vocals at times, but overall this IEM imo does better than the others at default without EQ. Having said that, there's less room for it post EQ. It's an intimate and energetic fun sounding IEM. But it can also be a touch more fatiguing. 
Westone 4 - Un EQ'd, they have a slightly annoying creamy veil over everything. Detracting from detail and clarity. However, soundstage is very wide, and instrumental separation fantastic. These are quite neutral, verging on laid back. Good balance across the board, but slightly mild bass and high's. EQ'd however, another dimension. High's come to sing, and bass hits nicely. The wide soundstage helps to really open them up and allows for fantastic instrumental separation. Negatives post EQ are that in order to bring them to life, you do lose some bass tightness and the vocals do have an ever so slight thiness to them. But like the Monsters, the upper mids need a tweak to clear the air.
Monster Copper Pro - Un EQ'd. Lots of sub bass presence. A warm pounding bellow to the bass that hits quite heavily, just without as much of a detailed punch due to less mid bass compared to sub bass. Bass also clouds things a touch (similar to the W4's slight veil). But this bass is very good for hip hop, RnB etc. Nice large soundstage (in-between the W4 and SE535). Well balanced, leaning on warm or dark sounding. Overly laid back high frequencies, but every where else the balance is decent, with a good separation of sounds. Vocals the thickest or more stretched wide than the other IEM's. Post EQ, again, like the W4's they come alive, with a much cleaner, clearer and more vibrant sound. With vocals a bit more natural and the highs more detailed. Still not quite as detailed as the W4's, but with more sub bass presence and quantity. 
For those that are curious. Here's my quick and dirty initial Monster Copper Pro EQ (using the iPhone app eQu). Feel free to drop the farthest left dot (lowest frequency) a bit, as the sub bass is already so strong. But the added mid bass certainly gives it an extra punch. Let me know your thoughts.

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Strangely, I felt the SE535 had pretty laid back treble, and MTPC having pretty decent sparkle and extension(relatively).

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I don't find MTPC bass to be too much, too me it's just right, tried to play around with EQ but at the end decided that I like it with no EQ (flat) at all


To me it sounds better than my W3, even TF10 I dare say...

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Was the opposite for me. Found the Copper pro's to be a more dark sounding earphone. Still have my SE535's and W4's so I'll do a more thorough comparison with proper A/B testing.

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Strangely, I felt the SE535 had pretty laid back treble, and MTPC having pretty decent sparkle and extension(relatively).


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I love my Coppers with reggae music. I can't imagine how the Gold ed. must sound having more bass. I find the coppers to be very bassy headphones - and a very good one! Can't ask for more :-) They have become my dedicated portable reggae-headphones!!!

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Re there anybetter tips than the stock MTPC tips that came with it? The small and white tips are great with my left ear but, any other tips with my right ear, they all sound muffled.

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Sony hybrid tips work great for me

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Thanks! I was looking at those, I'm going to buy them since theyre only 5 dollars at B&H Photo.

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Just a quick thank you to the forum members that suggested the Sony Hybrid ear tips for the MTPC phones.  I was seriously disappointed with seal I was getting with the tips provided in the package, that I thought I would be returning them.  With the Sony hybrids, I am MUCH happier and feel that the great deal I got really is a great deal.  So thanks all.

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