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So someone stole these from my apartment last week. I left them over the weekend and they were gone when I got back. My roommate had a thing and I'm guessing some random took it.

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^Ouch that must suck.


What's the best tip to use for someone with small ears? I can't seem to get a good fit with any of the ones provided in the box.

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I had the same problem, if the flange tips didn't fit, I wouldn't have found a single one that works for me.

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Originally Posted by RealSlimSeto View Post

^Ouch that must suck.


What's the best tip to use for someone with small ears? I can't seem to get a good fit with any of the ones provided in the box.

Try Sony hybrids.


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Originally Posted by Mad Max View Post

Try Sony hybrids.


x2. The hybrids work well for me, and I have tiny ears. 


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The best for me are the small size foam super tips (i think the white ones).


Loving the Coppers....any idea which full size over-ear can would have a similar sound signature to the Coppers?



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That's a tough one.  I suppose you could try HFI2400, but it is a little less transparent and more laid-back than the Coppers.  You might love it.  There's also HD600, but it will lack some speed versus MTPC; it is an excellent headphone and quite natural sounding.  You will need a real good amp to go with it like a Dynalo or M-Stage.  HFI2400 will require an amp if you have a volume-limited player, even an E5/6 will do if you are on a tight budget, though a better amp will bring out more of the headphone's potential.

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Hi Max,

Thanks for the quick answer. I do own the inexpensive Fiio E7 but I just today received both, the Ultrasone Pro 900 and the Pro 2900 in the mail. So I guess I wont be able to afford any more for the next months. The Hifi2400 sounds really interesting though...

The Coppers are (except maybe for their fit, they are pretty heavy) are an exceptional IEM to my ears...highly recommended, especially for bass heavy music like Hip Hop smily_headphones1.gif
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In that case, just forget 2400, lol.

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Sorry to hear that SurfWax.angry_face.gif That would really sting.


Does anyone know if Monster changed the tuning of these at some point or something? Meh, I guess what I've seen people say about our memories not being very good when it comes to how something sounds is true. These are fantastic but I think I prefer the Miles Davis due to the mids on them. The mids on these aren't recessed or anything; I guess I just like forward mids.

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I doubt it.

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The reason why I'm curious is partly due to dweaver's review of them:


He mentions how people seem to report to different sound sigs. And I remember mine sounding a little leaner, less warm. Who knows.

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Funny.  He says he burned one in differently from the other, thus the supposed changes.




Originally Posted by dweaver View Post



  1. One group of people mentioning how balanced the MTPC are
  2. One group that talks about a midbass hump similar to the IE8
  3. One group that actually complain about the lack of bass.


Fit can affect the sound that drastically - tips used will contribute as well.


No complaints about the bump in the midrange (~3kHz)?  Makes things a bit shouty on occasion.  Or maybe I've spent too much time lately with K701.  evil_smiley.gif

I would say that the Coppers have a balanced sound, that is, none of the frequencies overtake the others significantly, but there is certainly room for improvement, especially in the midrange and treble.

My MTPC hasn't changed since burn-in finished (when it seemed to to me).


Well, even RE252 and RE0 sound funny if I haven't used my IEMs after a while.  Then my brain adjusts to them and they sound better, lol.

TF10, however, sounded awesome yesterday, sounds awesome today, and will sound awesome tomorrow.  =]

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Do these benefit from a Fiio E11?

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Possibly.  The change may not be noticeable.  I would pair these with a better amp.

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