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Just finished reading the whole thing, buy that was a long. Generally very informative and entertaining, specially the part where some people outed themselves as octopus testicle eaters . I traded an HD600 for the MTPC and should receive them next week; lets see if they can satisfy a K701 fanatic like me.

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I'm rocking the foams myself.  Mark, you should try the foams, I was having a similar pressure issue with some of the other tips as well, (almost too much of a seal).  The foams have worked out the best so far for me, but I'm still experimenting.

Hi Joey. I read from your profile that you own both the W3 and the MTPC, Which one do you think has the best highs? I'm still trying to decide which one to go for and gather as many opnions as I can. Thank you.

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I recieved my replacement pair of MTPC this week and noticed the new pair has the same echo sound in the IEM using the standard single flange tip as my last pair. But after my success with creating a tip using earplug foamies from the drug store (see this thread ) for my SM3 I was eager to try this with the Copper's. Initially I was trying to use the cores from some complies and these were a dismal failure. But I decided to see if I could get the tip to go on the IEM nozzle by itself and this worked very well. All I can say is this tip mod is the best sounding and comfortable tip I have every tried! It eliminates all insertion depth issues for me, I get zero vacuum type seals, and I get forget anything is in my ears fit everytime. PLUS THE ECHO IS GONE! This is huge for me as it was one of the aspects I was disliking badly about the Copper. So I now have a tip solution that costs me $10 for 24 tips (earplugs and that only if I buy at retail brick and mortar drugstores  vs off the internet. Cheap, comfortable and great sounding, what more can anyone ask for.


Here are some pics of the finished tip, note that the one side is bigger than the other as I have not mastered my craft yet :-). You simply cut the tip end to the length you want (about 3/8" or there about), bore a hole through the foam from the top down to the cut with a sharp round object (I start with a small philips screw driver) and then use a slightly larger object to enlarge and stretch the hole. Then use your fingers to stretch the hole onto the IEM nozzle and use the nozzle bezzled shaped to help get the foam on. I then pull the foam back until it drops into the notch on the nozzle. The tip will be initially flattened and deformed but will expand back out and fill up the tip like my pictures. If the tip is to long it will start to close over the nozzle screen as can be seen in my own picture, if it's to much take the tip off and trim it. Also make sure you have the cut section at the bottom on the nozzle with the uncut part at the top. From there as all foam tips just roll in your fingers to compress and then use the MTPC recommened way of inserting by pulling the ear lobe as you insert. The tip will then expand and block out sound after about 10 seconds. I believe these tips will last 2 weeks to a month depending ona persons ear wax volume. Note these are shallow insertion tips and while fairly good at isolation are not extremely isolating.



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Nice!  Seems like opening up the nozzle on the Monsters is catching on.  I'm gonna have to try that crazy tip mod someday.  

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I'm debating getting the Sony Walkman E to use but I was wondering if anybody has any experience using them with the coppers? The coppers require quite a bit of volume from my itouch and I was wondering if I would have to put the volume all the way up on the Walkman.
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Well, good thing my mom liked them, I certainly didn't.

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Hey guys do you reckon this is fake? the seller has good feedback and have sold monster products in the past though this just seems to good to be true?


and this one


what do you guys reckon? legit? if it is i'm getting one NOWW even though i'm in college and in debt ahhaha

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Originally Posted by matto View Post

Hey guys do you reckon this is fake? the seller has good feedback and have sold monster products in the past though this just seems to good to be true?


and this one


what do you guys reckon? legit? if it is i'm getting one NOWW even though i'm in college and in debt ahhaha

Take a close look at the first link!! Although they look authentic, the right (red) earpiece appears to be separating from the housing, which was a problem with an early batch (I have experience with that).  If they don't include the receipt from an authorized dealer, I'd stay away from them. Warranty replacement might be difficult.


The second link appears to be a fake.  The SuperTip packaging is wrong and it looks like there is only one set of tips in each, (the real thing comes with at least 4 of each type).  I wouldn't buy them.


You can find the Coppers used in the FS section here or save your money for another day.

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Ahh crap, the 2nd seller has good feedback though, people who are buying them must be stupid cos they're all leaving him positive feedbacks, I might try buy an open box one i think its like 200 USD?

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Do not buy MTPC from ebay there are a lot of fakes.

Both those above are fake. The two give aways are the sound quality, the fakes have no detail and huge bass, and the 1/4" adapter.

Usually they don't show the adaptor. The non-fakes have a larger adaptor like the one in this picture



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Ahh that sucks, has any one had any experience buying from onecall, their open box MTPC? Seems such good value if they claim it's pretty much new.

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@dwizard,  thanks for the post.  Was just looking for this information myself.

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Definitely do not buy from ebay regardless of price. I know what a real one looks like and I was looking at ebay for the Copper a while back and could not tell if one was real or fake. I would buy it from a trusted retailer or a head-fi member in good standing.

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so dwizard you think these are real?


Also rawrster even a seller with 34,000+ feedback with 100% feedback? and sold over 20+ previous MTPC?

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Why are there so many threads with people wishing for fake Monster IEMs to be real? With such wide spread fakery of Monster IEMs why would anyone buy them from anywhere aside from authorized and trusted dealers? If you have to ask then they are most likely fakes.


As for the feedback, it's because people leave feedback when the package arrives, not after two weeks when they've used them for awhile. Or they simply don't know about the fakes.

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