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sony makes a decent 1 for kids and they have held up to an 11,7 and now 5 year old and that's saying a lot considering I refer my 5 year old as Godzilla
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Originally Posted by wgb113 View Post
I'm proud to say she knows nearly the entire Beatles catalog! She's started digging Vampire Weekend and the Arctic Monkeys as well.

Then of course there are the Disney princess songs...

And she's only four? That makes me happy
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Be a good dad and let her have top notch equipment. Hearing only gets worse with time, and I'd want my kids to enjoy great sound while they still can.
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if you look on amazon and search for Buzz-R or Vibe headphones, they are great for kids, they have a smaller headband and good sound quality so ideal for kids, the vibe also has a volume control on it which makes it the ideal kids headphone and also both are under a tenner, they also come in some great colours, hope this helps

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Originally Posted by atothex View Post

Be a good dad and let her have top notch equipment. Hearing only gets worse with time, and I'd want my kids to enjoy great sound while they still can.





I bought these for my daughter



They get great reviews and seem pretty good. I need to buy another pair which is why I was checking around to see if there was a better choice because I agree with atothex in buying quality but it seems all of the kids ones are pretty cheap. Anyway thought I would resurrect this thread to see if anyone knew of any new models. 


EDIT: These are actually kinda terrible for sound quality and so are the Jlab JBuddies. Very disappointed with "kids" headphones.


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The HD201 is a great headphone for kids. Good sound, cheap price, decent durability.

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My kids (4 year old girl and 7 year old boy) use the MDR-222KD. They come in black and pink.

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I'd agree with the comments about canal-phones or buds. Something that goes on/around-ear (and I'm guessing most "on-ear" headphones designed for adults, like Grados, would probably be around-ear for a little one) is probably the better bet. I like the volume-limiting headphones (even with the iPod having a volume limit) idea as well, and that was my first thought when I saw the thread. If your child is particularly wild though, Koss might be a better choice (simply for the warranty); do keep in mind that as you move up the Koss product line their dynamic headphones get heavy (insanely so at the top end; I believe the MV1 weighs something like 600g - for reference, the K701 in your avatar picture is around 230g). Also some of the Koss models are reportedly very fragile (I believe the R/80 is one such model). 


I'd ensure that you pick something relatively light, and I would also preference single entry solutions where available (no CJC to choke on if you fall asleep in the car).







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Picked up the Sony kids headphones ($15) that you can get at BB and Target. They volume limit and come in a cute pink.  Isolation is terrible but no worse than their overall sound.  I hope you find something better than those.  I'll look into the PX200 II when she gets a little older - I think that's a good idea.

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I hear the new Sennheiser HD 700s are nice for kids. They might be too big or heavy for her head... so to keep her neck from getting tired you can tie a couple helium balloons onto the headphones so they weigh a little less. Get her a nice Schitt Lyr and plug it into a battery backup UPS... Those should both fit into a backpack no problem. Just have her wear the backpack where ever she goes and she will be set! 

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I bought some AKG K422 and they are great on ear but don't work well for plane rides.

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So I had been looking into a set of Headphones for our 3 year old.  As such we had found some at Best Buy - they are little fuzzy animals from ReTrak (?) , but with all that fuzz / fur, I noticed they slide really easily off the ears.  They are volume limiting, yet trying to see what else is out there.


Here are the ReTrak Headphones:


I came accross some JVC ones on their site


Decided perhaps to resurect this old thread to share the experiences we all have had with Headphone searches for our Kids.

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Good idea bringing this back up! So I have found that no "kids" headphones that I have come across have any real sound quality to speak of but I did find two regular pair that are fairly inexpensive but do have good to very good sound quality and that fit smaller heads. 


The cheaper set is from JVC here:

Their sound quality is pretty good considering the cost and these are the headphones I sent my Kindergartner to school with for when they use headphones in class.


The better set is from Logitech and these were originally $100 headphones but they must not have sold well because they had been selling for $20-$28 for months and months, well now that many people discovered that value and gave awesome feedback the black and white versions now sell for $50+ but the purple ones have stayed on the low side and currently sell for $28 here: These actually sound pretty fantastic IMO (a wee bit bass heavy but nothing like Beats etc.) and although they are technically "on ear" headphones they more or less become "over the ear" headphones for children. The Logitechs are also great for plane rides as well.


Neither of these sets have any volume limiters though so you would need to be cautious in the respect. 

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So in going forward, I wish that there was a good over ear for little ones.  It seems these days, when they are "A-D-D'ish" - in that they cannot sit still but have to look around, I find that the on ears slide down or off etc.  I have given my little one my V-Moda's - his iPod is volume limited so there was no issue, not to mention his kids music is not on the same level as our "preferences".  They are just to big, and for him to destroy them would be a shame as well.  Now I am looking at the SOL Republic Tracks or Master Track, to just use the drivers, and layup a band out of Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass that is spec'd to his head and give it a try.


Once it gets going I will post more here.

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