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Julee Cruise- achingly beautiful voice on far too few but very well recorded albums...



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My top five:


1.Carmen Gomes:Torn


2.Dianne Reeves:Bridges


3. Tierney Sutton:Something Cool


4.Cassandra Wilson:New Moon Daughter


5:Holy Cole:Temptation


The reason I got the Carmen Gomes album on one is because I am now the happy owner of a pair of HD 800's,and this album is easily the best sounding of the 5.

But to be fair it is also a 24/96 studio master download,bought straight from the Sound Liaison recording studio.

the other 4 are 16 bit cd's.

As an experiment I converted,all the albums to 256 mp3 format to see if the enormous difference in sound quality would be less,but no the Torn album is still way up there.

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Originally Posted by christian u View Post

this is so far my nomination for best sounding album of 2013.

Carmen Gomes Inc.on Sound Liaison


images/A_MyMuseImages/Torn v2 200 shadow.png


I agree,see above.

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Originally Posted by scolaiw View Post

We haven't had a recommendation for a little while and well... just listen. etysmile.gif

Great stuff. Really chill.

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natasha khan ;)

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