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Julee Cruise- achingly beautiful voice on far too few but very well recorded albums...



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My top five:


1.Carmen Gomes:Torn


2.Dianne Reeves:Bridges


3. Tierney Sutton:Something Cool


4.Cassandra Wilson:New Moon Daughter


5:Holy Cole:Temptation


The reason I got the Carmen Gomes album on one is because I am now the happy owner of a pair of HD 800's,and this album is easily the best sounding of the 5.

But to be fair it is also a 24/96 studio master download,bought straight from the Sound Liaison recording studio.

the other 4 are 16 bit cd's.

As an experiment I converted,all the albums to 256 mp3 format to see if the enormous difference in sound quality would be less,but no the Torn album is still way up there.

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Originally Posted by christian u View Post

this is so far my nomination for best sounding album of 2013.

Carmen Gomes Inc.on Sound Liaison







I agree,see above.

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Originally Posted by scolaiw View Post

We haven't had a recommendation for a little while and well... just listen. etysmile.gif

Great stuff. Really chill.

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natasha khan ;)

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Originally Posted by Kheadfi View Post


I agree,see above.

Both the Torn album and the Thousand Shades of Blue album, are very impressive sounding albums.

The difference is that one is live and the other a studio album. And the concept is different; 

Inspired by the tale of Ines and Pedro, 'Thousand Shades of Blue' is Carmen Gomes' tribute to the land of her ancestors, the sea surrounding it, and the power of impossible love.

 Torn was inspired partly by the tragic marriage of a close friend coming to an end and a strong artistic need for getting back to basics, The Blues. In a sense it is a concept album. The 9 songs follow each other in a logical order telling the story of a relationship falling apart. ''Come on in My Kitchen'' representing the initial attraction and the ''Thrill is Gone'' the end of love.

Carmen Gomes

from the liner notes; http://www.soundliaison.com/

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