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purabm bought a pair of HD595 off me. Communication was quick and clear. I'd gladly work with him again...
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sold me 595s, amazing packaging, shipped it within an hour or two of me purchasing. Doesnt get better than that!
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Sold purabm my K501 heaphones, very smooth transaction, highly recommended!
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Sold purabm my Shanling PH3000, excellent communication, would not hesitate working with him again.
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Sold purabm a DIY Senn. HD650/600 cable . Fast payment, a smooth trade.
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Darkvoice 336

Purabm (Yan)

Purchased the Darkvoice 336 from me. He was very pleasant to chat with; very quick with response and very courteous. The shipment took a bit long via UPS, but Yan never had a problem with it.

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Sold purabm a Shellbrook Audio mini headamp. Prompt payment, quick and easy transaction.
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purabm purchase an iBasso T4 amp from me.  Quick payment.  Hassle free.

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sold him Yuin PK1s, fast payment and smooth as always, repeat customers are the best. 

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I sold Yan my Yuin G2A headphones + FiiO E3 amp. He paid quickly and was very easy to deal with. I would not hesitate to deal with purabm again. 

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I sold him my Dowin Sennheiser cable. He sent a US postal money very quick. Excellent communication and transaction. I would not hesitate to do business with him again in the future.

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Sold my RE1's to purabm, prompt payment and great communication - an excellent seller!



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Sold a portable amp to purabm. Very quick payment and no issues whatsoever with the money order. Highly recommended!

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Bought a Total Bithead from purabm. Quick communication - once he replied to my initial PM, the transaction ended in under a half hour. He was a pleasure to deal with.

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Bought an im716 from Yan and it was a very easy transaction. Highly recommended.

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