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He dosent know they are comming yet but I think cans would be best.
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Ultrasone HFI-780 Headphones | SALE Now On!
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He wants something driven directly from an ipod, I suggest any of the sony xb headphones which have a high sensitivity and low impedance, and a bass that rivals my recabled pro 900 in many ways (I wouldn't be surprised if its bass was better than the pro 900 in some ways).
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A Sennheiser HD25 1-ii is an option too. The HD25 can be decorated and modified.
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Friends don't let friends wear Skullcandies.
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Don't give them the things, recommend only if you're sure of what you heard and know and well... that's it really. If they really want the things, let them.
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Originally Posted by Deep Funk View Post
A Sennheiser HD25 1-ii is an option too. The HD25 can be decorated and modified.
the HD's like many 'new headphone' prices, have shot through the roof. When I started headphonedeals, the HD25-1's where going for around £110 or so, now you'll pay almost that for the 25sp's. However, even with that said, i love my HD 25-1 (MK1) i've had mine for 12-13 years now, and i've never part from them.

the Ultrasone DJ's will waste anything SC produce. the DJ's are the headphones with white cups. This is my headphone bin, these are headphone i try to use on a regular basis.

Ultrasone DJ1 DJ Headphones | SALE Now On!

I love my pair

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Surely Skullcandys biggest flaw must be their marketing.

They are going to great lengths to market cheap headphones that appeal to young people with ipods and skateboards.

Yet there are grown men and women debating their place in personal high fidelity.

Skullcandy really do need to make sure their products ar marketed in a clear way in future just to save people back to backing them with Grados or Beyerynamics
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My Pioneer Monitor 10 looks as if it was designed by Spartans and is one of my favourite headphones for flat sound. I love those oldies.

Skull Candy, really nothing compared to my black and metal headphones. Once they start pricing their products normally and make them look less 'pimped' blessed with at least decent sound for the price, yes I would buy a pair. But really, even WESC is a better option. Just my opinion...
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Originally Posted by christoph1 View Post
FYI - That better sounds website is owned by my brother. I ask the question here as I expect an answer from someone with outstanding knowledge in this deparment...

I appreciate your opinions on the skullcandy's, I may have a little re-think then...

I may go down the Grado or Sennheiser route then.
Your brother is called Chris as well?

Amazon have dj1 for 75.
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I second the XB700, same price range as the Skullcandy, but they are well built and wont crack/break after a month of use. The XB700 also offer more quality and quantity of bass.

PS. that Better Sound site is a joke and horribly ignorant and false.
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Originally Posted by TheAudioDude View Post
I don't know about anyone else, but IMO every single Skullcandy headphone looks like something a 13 year old girl or any boy under the age of 11 would buy/wear.
Hey D:!!!
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"Better Sounds – because Rythm is your life"

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I prefer a good groove and addition rhythm to add to the sound. A screaming guitar is nice too...
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