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Cloned Mini3

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Well, well, well, now they're even cloning DIY amps. Who would've thought that?

Headphone amplifier full kit w/ charger and chassis ! - eBay (item 220538377954 end time Feb-09-10 06:42:50 PST)

There are also cloned Pass amps like B1 and F5.
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Lets see them clone a mini3 in an altoids tin

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they will be the first to clone a human :/
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C'mon, let's be a bit fair. At least the layout is different Plus, this is not the first time anything like this happened. Sijosae's MHHA was ripped off by a few guys (indeed hifi for instance)

Let's just hope that the values are not an exact rip off, then that'll be kinda "bad".

EDIT: no one says anything about RSA's Mint amp aka the SR71?
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> C'mon, let's be a bit fair.

Wrong. Didn't even change component IDs as far as I can see. Cute he put his copyright notice on it too.
Guess lawyers can keep this crap at bay for a while & for $$$$s... That's what NP seems to have to do.
But perhaps given proper notification + info ebay will pull this listing.

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-board is bigger
-resistors are placed in sub optimal locations
-no rail to rail decoupling
-looks like an amateur's board comparing to Amb's

It's not really that similar :\
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Originally Posted by Fred_fred2004 View Post
Lets see them clone a mini3 in an altoids tin

Holy Kerfuffel. That is awsome! Always impressed with your work, Fred.
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The layout and routing are a bit naff, but like a lot of Chinese cloned items, I'd say they've at least tried to make the odd improvement or two... though not necessarily succeeded.

More than anything else, I'd be worried that the components in the kit don't look terribly high-quality - those look like "doomed to sudden death" Teapo electrolytics, for example, and those are just your standard generic Chinese resistors.

I know what Mini^3 meant - I wonder what "BT^9" stands for?

Oh, and a lot of people have cloned Sijosae's MHHA, but not all of 'em have used sensible or good component values - the Indeed and Bravo versions suffer quite badly because of this, for example, with greatly(!) attenuated bass - the bass, as anyone who's built or owned a properly-spec'd implementation of the MHHA design, being one of the design's strongest points.
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