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I love the sound of music. I don't love being an audiophile because that status implies a certain position among others that can make me, well not nice.

Sharing the love for music and its sound is enough. My upstairs neighbour is a musician student in the classical genre. He plays the trumpet. Just having a good chat about music or sharing music is enough. We had a short chat about metal and SoaD.

P.S. Wearing full size headphones as portables says enough.
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I talk about audio with one friend who is genuinely intrested in it. On the other hand a lot of friends act like they are intrested and in the end "really digg bose". That's the point where I usually decide not to be an elitist and change the subject.
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No i have more pride in my music collection than gear, and music is more important than my gear when it comes down to it. I wouldn't call myself an audiophile i am a music fan, but then i consider an audiophile someone with top of the line gear, no middle ground.
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Originally Posted by Rockford View Post
No i have more pride in my music collection than gear, and music is more important than my gear when it comes down to it. I wouldn't call myself an audiophile i am a music fan, but then i consider an audiophile someone with top of the line gear, no middle ground.
Same here. To me, an audiophile is one who do whatever it takes to get the best sound quality....and that means from both the software side and the hardware side of the equation. I tend to approach it more from the software side.
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True, the music comes first. My first headphone was a purchase more made out of necessity than a purchase made out of luxury. Thin walls make noisy chambers...
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Yes I am a proud audiophile. I like to talk about it whenever I can but rarely do since most people are not interetested. But I do notice that a lot of people do like a good set of headphones in general.
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Yes, I'm happy being an "AUDIOPHILE" But only discuss the subject with "Other" Audiophiles! I've stopped tryin' to convert others since the "PERFECT SOUND FOREVER" came out..........Also my audiophile friends enjoy each of our systems for different reasons. and each of us know the reasons.....It's about the music!! To us.....thank god
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not an audiophile. I just like music. I appreciate good equipment.
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Being an "audiophile" is a lot like being an "intellectual": both titles sound crassly pretentious, and there is no obvious class marker that establishes membership, other than that you write for Stereophile or you have an article upcoming in PMLA, or The American Journal of Psychiatry, or *you name your specialist peer-reviewed periodical*.

But to be utterly truthful, there comes a time when--though you wouldn't positively protest that the title is what you are--you realize that you're certainly not what the anti-title suggests you wouldn't be. I know what 'anti-intellectuals' are like: they start somewhere around that premise that a high-falutin education, or expansive vocabulary, or deep understanding of history, or advanced degree in science never gave anybody anything that couldn't have been been learned with simple, concentrated application common sense. I know I'm not the person who agrees with that general proposition. Similarly, the feller who chides me for doing *whatever* effete, over-elaborate preparation for listening to music that he disdains because *really* just about anybody with common sense and a decent ear will tell you that there's no substantial difference between an audiophile recording and a well-coded mp3, is arguing a basic premise that I fundamentally reject.

So once you have a sense that you're *not* anti-intellectual, or anti-'audiophile', you start to get an impression that you might *be* an intellectual, or a persnickety audiophile.
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Most definitely. Although I do get some rather odd questions at school. Mainly "what is on the back of your iPod?", that would be my amp lol.
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I must say, this thread was a great one to view as I am returning to the site for the first time in a while (checking out the Klipsch S4: American Express had a points deal where they were only $55, I just bought them to replace my Shure E2c before replying to this thread)

But why?

Initial replies by Uncle Erik, scompton, and Kirosia (and later others)....complete with a reference to Patrick. I'm glad to see the forum hasn't changed completely, leaving me as the dinosaur

Back on topic...
I would never tell someone an audiophile. However, in the common occurrence where I am asked about my overly-large headphones, speakers, or quantity of audio gear, I will try to sell the other person on the merits. Not to be accepted, but to try to push the idea that audio is more than ibuds, thumping base, and deafening loudness
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I once made a mistake and told my teacher, who asked to describe something unique about me, that I was an audiophile. It was the easiest term to use at the time, but now I wouldn't want to define myself as such. I am happy with the middle ground and I find an audiophile to be someone who has high-end equipment and want the best music reproduction possible. I like music more(way more), if I find something I like and it is not mastered to the standards I wouldn't care, but it is a shame when music you once enjoyed is now tainted because of the knowledge gained by this hobby.

So no, I'm not a proud audiophile. I'm just a music fan trying to enjoy music more by the means of this hobby.
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Well, I do silently chuckle when I see someone walking down the street in their ibuds. I probably won't tap em on the shoulder and tell em their phones suck, but yeah, I'm glad I'm not them for the moment, even if they happened to have just stepped out of their Porsche or w/e. On the other hand, I don't think I've reached the level of audiophile yet so I guess imma just call myself a music enthusiast.
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Originally Posted by Rossinator View Post
What really is an "audiophile"?
Latin from: "One who loves sound"

Current definition:
"One who spends lots of money on sound"
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Personally I consider myself an audiophile in the sense that I strive to attain the best possible reproduction of sound I can.

This isn't necessarily synonymous with spending "lots of money" however.
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