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Originally Posted by foaming at the ears View Post

If the Beyer pads fit, could you please comment on the seal/isolation? Thanks!
Sure thing!
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Ok, it seems my initial observations were off. The velour pads from my HFI-780s are too small to fit on the SRH840s. I stretched them a bit, but I didn't want to go too far. The pads are definitely the right shape, they just need to be a bit larger.

So, off to try something else.
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They actually look better than stock with the socks! Good job.
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Is that a paper shim shoved into the headband to keep the fit 'locked'?

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Yes I stuck it with a small folded piece of cardboard so it doesn't slide.
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this mod was applied to my 440's pads:
got the socks today. bought 2 pair actually in case i messed up... good call. i used a fat usb cable to hold it down over the sock ends inside and cut the cable slightly longer than necessary so i could double over the bottom portion for a better seal.

pros = bass is deeper/boomier, soundstage has widened, and mids are more upfront.
cons = mids sound a bit muffled at the same time too [what gives?], isolation isnt as good anymore but only slightly worse, socks are a bit itchy.

will report back on long term after ive had them this way for a while.
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I experience no muffling with my own mod. If you don't have any cardboard, use folded white paper for the seal instead, the seal will change the sound dramatically.
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new socks! more comfortable, mids have returned to what they were.
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After looking at the pics provided by the OP in explaining this mod, it occurred to me that those annoying rubber bracelets that are everywhere these days might substitute for the ring of cardboard. I don't own an SRH840 ... actually it's on my short list for my next buy so I browsed the thread out of general interest ... so I have no idea if the rubber bracelets would be the right size or not. But if it works, it'd certainly be a little less ghetto.

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I have tried a few different materials for the seal inside, but none of them sound as good as the cardboard (maybe that's the reason speakers are partly made out from cardboard). If you can fit those rubber bracelets in as a seal, it's worth a try, but from the way it looks, I think it'll give a lot of bass (like the blue tack mod).
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i love the increased soundstage of this mod, and the comfort is always a plus. a big difference switching to nylon socks made [had cotton blend before]. i was wishing they had velour pads, until now... the usb cable is starting to show signs of added weight now that ive been with them for a while, will have to switch to cardboard like the op had suggested~
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My SRH440s look pretty nice, I dunno if I can wear them in public though

Sorry the for bad quality, used my phone.

I used cardboard and electrical tape about a centimeter wide.
Also, make sure you cut at least 3.5 inches for the sock part.
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how is the isolation/leakage with the socks? im thinking of trying with something thinner than those socks
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this is a brilliant idea! I tried it with my V6s... comfy! I actually dig the look of the.m
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My SRH440 with SRH840 earpads upgrade. Now with socks mod, wich is really nice for comfort. I like the fact that it doesn't change the sound nor isolation/leakage.


I use a TV coaxial cable to fix the inner earpad portion of the socks.



SRH440 mod 001_resize.JPG



SRH440 mod 002_resize.JPG



SRH440 mod 003_resize.JPG

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